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Returning to the Land of Writing

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Many months have passed since my last blog post. A lot happened, most of which kept me from posting–or even writing much. I can explain the reason for my absence in one word:


If you want the long story, read on. You see, I’ve volunteered for several years with the local high school, coaching voice and directing the music for their theater productions. Just before the Christmas holidays, the choir director was asked to resign (now THAT’S another dramatic story I’ll share over a strong beverage sometime!). Anyway, she walked out that Sunday during the intermission of the last Peter Pan performance, and the director of fine arts immediately asked me, “What are YOU doing next week?”

Uh…well I…Hmnnnn.

It’s incredibly flattering to be wanted. And frankly, the writing has been challenging with the economy taking a bite out of income, and cost of self-insurance rising. So when I was called for an interview for the job two days later, before I’d even sent in an application, I was ready to make a leap of faith. Another interesting note–that same Sunday in church, I’d made a direct prayerful plea to be shown a sign, given direction for what I needed/should do next in my career. And TA-DA! the choir teacher quit and I was offered the job. And so I became a choir teacher, started January 6, and school ended for summer break June 6.

It’s taken me this long to catch up on everything writing-wise that slid during that period. Don’t get me wrong–teaching choir, taking kids to contest, preparing for two concerts, and assisting with the “Thoroughly Modern Millie” production was enormously satisfying and challenging. But teaching was only a small part of the job. I didn’t have a teaching certificate, and was required to go back to school, take classes and tests myself, to qualify for an emergency license. In addition, teaching is not what it was during my school days. Or my parents’ tenure as teachers. Suffice it to say–

God has a wicked sense of humor–and teaches a pointed lesson. *s* I didn’t know how good I had it!

The job gave me wonderful experience, challenged me and I gained confidence in areas I’d never otherwise have done, helped me financially, and I think…no, I KNOW that I made a positive difference for the students. Training techniques for pets work on students, too! But more than all that, the experience showed me what I was meant to do.

And so I have returned to being a fulltime writer, a spokesperson for people and the companion animals they love. I’ll still teach, but do so through the written word, or my appearances. The High School choir program will go on without me–I did my job, as a place holder to maintain the program until the right person could carry on.

Now it’s my turn to focus on Amy.



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Amy Shojai, CABC is a certified animal behavior consultant (dogs/cats), award winning author of 30+ pet care titles and thrillers, and spokesperson to the pet industry.

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