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Kindle-izing & Switching Gears

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It’s been several weeks since the great hoo-ha Kindle adventure began. And thanks to one and all for following the progress. While it took a lot of time, angst, and broken nails typing the sucker and formating the pictures, I am beyond pleased by the results.

To date, the book Complete Kitten Care (updated Kindle version) has sold another copy about every other day, garnered three terrific reviews, and moved up paw-step by paw-step in the rankings of similar books. I’ve become a participant in the group, as well as the cat and dog bulletine boards at, reading and commenting on various threads. I’ve met some terrific people, and learned some neat tips that will likely be incorporated in future updates of Kindle-ization projects. So the answer to those who publish nonfiction–go for it! Other’s milage may vary, but for heaven’s sake, my “dead” books have a new life, are reaching a new audience, and helping kitten owners along the way. I may actually be able to put gas in the car in other week! LOL!

As for switching gears–the whole Kindle project pushed me to blog here more frequently. I’m already quite active on Twitter and Facebook. When I’ve posted notes about other activities ( articles, PETiQuette newspaper columns and “Emotional Health” or Pet Peeves radio), folks often ask where to find the “print” content. So here’s my gear-switch–

In future, as often as I can get off my ass-ets to do so, I’ll post appropriate columns and/or links to other content in this blog. Hopefully that won’t take much more time out of my shrinking calendar, but will provide more free info to folks–and I hope y’all will post comments and suggestions and add to the general pet care, cat behavior, dog-matic, and writer-ly dialogue.

That’s for next time. *s* So if you’re interest, I think there’s an RSS feed thing-a-ma-bob you can subscribe to, and I’ll also post notices to Facebook et al, and my writer lists. Cuz I’m jess that kinda gal *eg*

Woofs, wags, purrs & trills….oh, and Kindle-dreams,


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Amy Shojai, CABC is a certified animal behavior consultant (dogs/cats), award winning author of 30+ pet care titles and thrillers, and spokesperson to the pet industry.

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