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Kindle-izing, Pet Peeves & Sad News

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Complete Care for Your Aging Cat has been Kindle-ized!

The Kindle-ized kitten book met with great success, and I expect no less from the “mature” version. This updated, revised version of the award-winning Complete Care for Your Aging Book (NAL) provides all the must-knows of caring for your mature feline. The print version won the Merial Human-Animal Bond Award, and the Hartz Senior Cat Award, and the latest edition expands on this theme with updated health and behavior information. Step-by-step home care advice, insurance options, and help explaining to children the end-of-life issues are offered. The most common “old cat” issues cover details about diagnosis, drug/nutritional/natural treatment options, and specialists to help owners are provided.

Unique to the Kindle edition, though, is an incredible value-added in the form of click-able “hot links” to online sources of cat care products, information, and the experts who were interviewed for the book (in the Kindle-for-PC version). Me-wow! My cat edited this book and gives it five paws up! You can check out samples from the book with these excerpts on “how old is old” and “how to give fluid therapy” at my new Pet Peeves website. If you’re inclined to get a copy, please-please-please post a review to share what you think with other readers. Thanks in advance!

Pet Peeves Website Launch! You’ll find free dog and cat care, behavior, training, first aid, and how-to information in articles and videos on a variety of fun-to-serious subjects. I’ll include links to appropriate Pet Peeves radio shows, too. And the Pet Peeves E-newsletter (going out later today–yes, I know it’s late) will also spotlight various dog-centric and cat-egorical topics from the Pet Peeves and sites. For instance:Fireworks Phobias? Here’s how to fix Fido’s fear.Dog Chasing the cat? Learn how to cut the chase.Do your pets follow you to the potty? Learn why.Is your rescued cat scared? This reader asked how to help her feral cat.

As for the “thrilling” news, Thrillerfest is less than a week away. I’m on a panel hosted by best-selling author (wow can she write!) Allison Brennon and several other movers-and-shakers in the world of books. Check out the Murder She Writes blog and comment on the survey. We’ll discuss all the good, bad, & ugly about social media—and the audience is in for some surprises! This ain’t gonna be a dry industry naval-gazing exercise. I like to call it “The Great S&M Debate” and I’ll be wearing my rhinestone #1-Bitch pin. *eg* Hope to see y’all there.

FLASH–late breaking news. My friend and colleague Kari Winters died unexpectedly a year ago, and it’s been a struggle to re-home her pets but all are safe. I’ve blogged about that situation before–she died under shady circumstances. However, one kitty (Lucy) desperately needs a final forever home. Her current foster-mom is willing to send Lucy anywhere in the country and says she’s mainly sweet with people–it’s the other pets that she irritates. Kari’s dear friend Darlene Arden headed the push to rehome these kitties and writes, “I think stress levels are running much too high, plus my friend broke her ankle this weekend so things aren’t great. Bottom line: we find her a home or she will be put down. She has been given chance after chance with experienced cat people but she really does need to be an “only” pet.”

So please cross-post the notice about Lucy, let me know your interest and I’ll put you in touch with Darlene. *s* Until next time, pet your critters for me, read a great book, listen to some “peevish” radio, and enjoy your July 4th weekend. And maybe welcome Lucy into your home.

Woofs & purrs,


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Amy Shojai, CABC is a certified animal behavior consultant (dogs/cats), award winning author of 30+ pet care titles and thrillers, and spokesperson to the pet industry.

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