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Old Dog, Old Cat & Being Water-Blogged

If you’ve read this blog you’ll realize I am not the world’s most faithful blogger. It’s not that I don’t write–I’m at the keyboard 8 to 12 hours a day, creating columns, articles, radio scripts and more. So by the time I get around to “blogging” I’m drowning from being submerged in words. Guess you could call me “water blogged.” 

Okay, that’s a stretch. Please don’t smack me. I’m feeling punchy, having just spent five hours with my writing partner working on a script. (Oh, there’s a  blog in the future on that topic!). And this past weekend, I wrote no fewer than a  dozen blog entries!  Yep, I actually created content for my first ever blog “tour.”

What is a blog tour? As best  I can tell, this “virtual tour” allows a guest to visit and provide content to several other blogs, without ever leaving the house (or asking the cat to  get off your lap). Readers from all over the world can attend, too, at their leisure to read, comment, and often partake in contests that garner all sorts of prizes.

November is NATIONAL ADOPT A SENIOR SHELTER PET MONTH. It so happens that I’ve recently updated and released second editions of my books COMPLETE CARE FOR YOUR AGING CAT and COMPLETE CARE FOR YOUR AGING DOG. I may be water-blogged, but the synapsis made the  connection that a blog tour using the books’ content might encourage folks to take a chance and adopt a senior pet. By reading some of the blogs with book excerpts, perhaps owners will learn that caring for old fogie pets isn’t as daunting as they think, and in fact offers great rewards. So here’s the schedule–these blog hosts are fantastic writers and caring pet people, so please visit them often–and especially on my tour stop. Meanwhile, pet your furry wonders for me and I hope to “see” you along the way!

GOLDEN MOMENTS SENIOR PET BLOG TOUR, featuring excerpts from, and give-aways of Complete Care for Your Aging Cat, and Complete Care for Your Aging Dog 

1.       NOVEMBER 12th, Aging Cat excerpt at with PDF of book give-away/contest

2.       NOVEMBER 15th, Aging Cat excerpt at  with book give-away/contest

3.       NOVEMBER 16th, Q&A Part 1 about aging dog and cat care at with book give-aways in a contest

4.       NOVEMBER 17th, Aging Cat/Dog excerpt at with PDF books give-away/contest  

5.       NOVEMBER 18th, Aging Cat excerpt at with book give away

6.       NOVEMBER 19th Aging Dog excerpt, at  with PDF of book give-away/contest

7.  November 20, Q&A part 2 about aging dog and cat care at with book give aways in contest.

8.    NOVEMBER 21st Aging Dog excerpt, at with book give away

9.       NOVEMBER 22nd Aging Dog excerpt, at   

10.       NOVEMBER 23rd   Aging Dog/Cat articles on pet introductions, health benefits, and more at ,  &

11.   NOVEMBER 27th telephone interview  8 pm CST.

About amyshojai

Amy Shojai, CABC is a certified animal behavior consultant (dogs/cats), award winning author of 30+ pet care titles and thrillers, and spokesperson to the pet industry.

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