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Feline Friday: Kitty Keep-Away, Socialization & How Cats Read

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Cats always seem drawn to sit on top of books.

TGIFF…Feline Friday, that is. The week after a holiday always seems to take twice as long to work through as a “normal” work week. Seren-kitty’s nose is out of joint, too. Her New Year’s resolutions (last week’s blog) didn’t get a shout-out, while her nemesis Magical-dawg won a book and had his resolutions featured on the Red Room blog.  

Now I have to teach Magic to read. Cats, of course, already know how to read. They simply sit on the page (or the E-reader), and absorb the text through their (ahem) nether regions. Just check out Wall-E, in the picture “reading” my first-aid book. Kitties want to be prepared. *s* What do YOUR cat’s read? 

Speaking of being prepared, if you have a new kitten over the holidays, I’m sure you’re making the right next paw-steps to properly socialize the little fur-kid. Cats can be trained (yes, they can!) at any age, and continue to learn throughout their lives. But kittens are furry sponges that absorb lessons, both good and bad, at an incredible pace. This prime kitten socialization period is a narrow window during babyhood when learning the “wrong” lessons can emotionally cripple the cat. For example, kittens not exposed to positive experiences with humans during this period will be wild (feral) critters and never accept people. Proper socialization teaches a cat how to be a cat, proper feline manners, how to communicate with other felines, and who the cat’s friends and enemies are. The age when kittens are most receptive is two-to-seven weeks for cats. Have your new kittens been properly socialized?  

Kittens tend to be snuggle-pusses. But adult cats can be puzzling when it comes to wanting attention. Or does your cat ask to be petted and then walk away and wait j-u-s-t out of reach, playing keep away for you to come to her? Seren does this, and I know other readers also experience “kitty keep away” behavior. She’ll move enough that I need to take a step, bend over and reach to pet again-whereupon she again tippy-toe dances a finger’s width away. I’ve seen cats (including Seren) do this over and over and over. Find out the reasons behind this behavior here

I suspect that a future blog will cover the pushing “Velcro” kitties that pester constantly for attention. Is there a happy middle with kitties? Naw….that would be boring! 

Please share this blog with other cat-loving folks. Yes, I know it’s posted a bit early, but I have a dog consult tomorrow and will be away from my desk.

Yep, I write about (and do behavior consults) on dogs, too. So if any of y’all are dog people as well, the Woof Wednesday offering may prompt a wag or two.  

Purrs and trills, 


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Amy Shojai, CABC is a certified animal behavior consultant (dogs/cats), award winning author of 30+ pet care titles and thrillers, and spokesperson to the pet industry.

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