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Work, Guilt & Playing Hooky

For the first weekend in…oh, forever!…I didn’t work. Well, I did but it was for fun stuff, arranging music with my keen Sibelius software.

And now I feel guilty. I have multiple ongoing assignments so there’s always something to be done. I received the proofs of my Complete Care for Your Aging Dog, including the cover mock-up, to review and approve. And yes, I really want to get that done and return the book to print. And there’s always content to be written. Also, I have two articles due for Catnip and Your Dog magazines. Then I’ve also promised myself (for several months!) that I’ll revise the first draft of my fiction WIP (which by the way features an animal behaviorist and smart-alec dog very like Magic!) and have subscribed to the Write It Forward workshop with Bob Mayer.

Instead I played music. Interestingly, the WIP song is called “Dreams 4-Sale” and boy, am I buying! It snowed yesterday here in N. Texas, a rare happening, and it  would be a lovely dream to curl up with my Kindle, the fireplace roaring with flame, cat on my lap and dog at my feet . . .Or an even better dream, to visit a favorite Colorado “Dog Bar” hangout with my writer retreat buddies.

But I feel guilty. So instead of music, today I play catch-up.

Do you ever play hooky from reality? What do you do–and do you feel guilty? I work pretty much seven days a week but still can’t get past that guilt-o-meter angst when I’m not being measurably productive.

Meanwhile, Seren’s sleeping under the stained glass lamp and Magic’s dozing with a stuffed pink pig. I want to be my pets today. I want somebody else to be the responsible person. Today I want to be a twelve-year-old celebrating school closings with snowballs pelted for the dog to catch.


Back to work.

About amyshojai

Amy Shojai, CABC is a certified animal behavior consultant (dogs/cats), award winning author of 30+ pet care titles and thrillers, and spokesperson to the pet industry.

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