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Feline Friday: Scratch THIS! Free Cat Behavior Course

Seren "owns" this old chair.

Does clawing raise your blood pressure? Funny, it LOWERS a feline’s stress levels, and kittens and adult cats claw for many reasons. In fact, upset cats often claw-target items that smell the most like a beloved human (your bed, your favorite chair), not because they’re angry or vindictive—but because they love you so much and scent-sharing makes them feel better. Cat clawing is normal. Use Kitten Aptitude Training (KAT) to save your furniture, sanity, and loving bond. Learn more in my Paw Nation article Cat Scratching – 7 Sofa-Saving Training Tips.

Breaking news—a bunch of my kitty behavior articles and Ask Amy columns are now part of a nifty free Cats Behavior Email Course from It covers more about kitty claw issues, litter box problems, aggression, and more.

Does your cat roll on the ground? When Seren drops to the ground, flails back and forth on her back, and rubs her head against the floor, my husband says she’s “flipping.” And no, the cat is not having a bizarre fit, experiencing a sudden loss of balance, or under the influence of some potent kitty beverage. Does your cat “flip?” Learn what’s going on in my latest cat behavior article on why cats roll.

Lately I’ve had a lovely—and lively—discussion on my Facebook page about cats playing fetch. Does your feline fetch? What sorts of things float their kitty boats? Wads of paper seem to be a popular item, and my cat Seren really likes those soft sparkle balls (hey, a girl’s got to have something shiny!). To learn more about feline fetching, with tips how to encourage your kitties to play the game, check out this fun column—it also includes a great video of a fetching feline.

Whisker kisses to Red Room’s Gina Misiroglu who put me in touch with the Pawnation folks, in her effort to shine a light on Red Room’s authors and send traffic to Red Room. (Hint: You can subscribe to the RSS feed for updates, and join Red Room—it’s easy!—to post comments).

Please share this blog with other cat-loving folks. And if any of y’all are dog people as well, the Woof Wednesday offering may prompt a wag or two.

Purrs and trills,


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Amy Shojai, CABC is a certified animal behavior consultant (dogs/cats), award winning author of 30+ pet care titles and thrillers, and spokesperson to the pet industry.

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