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Howling for Egypt!

The dogs got their due this past Monday and today is a departure for me. I’m not a political person by nature. But I am human. And watching the tragedy unfold in Egypt becomes even more personal when friends stuck in the situation provide blow-by-blow description. I feel so helpless!

Heike (last name and picture removed for safety concerns), a very talented writer and animal advocate, has been a member of Cat Writers Association for years. She and her son shares her life with many cats and a special dog. For the past several years she’s worked for a company located in Cairo, Egypt.

We’ve been worried about her since mostly our communication has been email and Facebook—and this past weak the Egyptian government cut off communication. Hallelujia, today I got a message from her on BBM (Blackberry Mobile) and she sent a message to Cat Writers members. She gave permission to share her comments. Note this is transcribed from BBM, Heike in quotes and my response.

“There’s a place located beside koshary el tahrir it’s specialized for receiving any injured protestors. Pls spread.

Are you okay? All of cwa and my church are praying for you and the people of Egypt!

“Still alive! 2day is the worst day. Severe clashes down town. I sent a small report to su and she sent it to prolist. Mubarak’s crimes don’t end!!

Whew! Thanks for update. Stay safe!

“He should be hanged for what he did today.

Watching in horror…world is watching. Hugs to you my friend. Know that we all care.

“Thanks. I amshaking inside. How much more can one man humiliate the people? This the hight of arrogance.

I am weeping for Egypt but so proud of the peoles bravery and resolve.

“Yes, u can’t imagine how proud I feel. This country has become my home. But now it is so scary. I admire people for their peaceful protest.

“I think u ll have a bad storm? R u in a safe area?

Yes the electricity out for a while but back on. Mahmoud stayed at hotel near work last 2 nights. Staying home and cuddling cat and dog.

“Good to hear. My dog is terrified from airforce jets flying very low above our compound. Cats have completely disappeared.

Just read your cwa note to su. Glad your son is safe. It must get better…it must.

“Yes, inshallah soon. People cannot bear it for long. Economy will need more than 6 months to recover from losses of last days.

Do you have food? Supplies? CNN says shops are closed.

“I have enough for 10 days. Nearest hypermarket is open every day with armed security. Prices hiking.

Hell of a diet plan…*weak smile*

“In some areas there is nothing to buy. Now cash is becoming short. Banks closed. ATMs empty.

How can anyone help?

“Poison Mubarak.


“As a confessing muslim he should believe in his own personal carpet of fire. What an arrogancy!

He is delusional.

“I cannot understand what else he needs to go. He has looted so much money from the country. And driven people into misery.

Maybe a puppet in his place?

“Well, his VP and PM are puppets. He should hand over and f*ck off.

Yes, true.

“Grand mufti is calling all people to return to their homes. Hope they will listen.

Can I share on twittering and FB. Updates to your friends?

“Sure you can share. My friends all on BBM. I think my twitter is dead. Didn’t use it since  long.

Egypt is held in the arms and prayers of the world by all people of conscience.

“Ya rab! We all need peace.

May God grant it so!

“Tear gas over Tahrir now. Twitter still blocked in Egypt. I need a cup of hot chocolate and hot shower. Am freezing.

Dammit…it will still get word out to world

“It is cold here, outside around 18C. Inside home much colder.

About 18F here. Good plan. Hot shower and coffee. Stay well and safe.

“Ok. Thnx talk later. 5 pm here.

Ok. 9 am here.

“If u here nothing from me, assume the lines are cut again. Peaceful protesters calling army for help! Women and children in the middle of Tahrir, men trhying to protect them. Pro-Mubarag thugs attacking them and throwing objects down from buildings. Elbaradei calling army to intervene. . .

Oh no!

“I hope they stay neutral.

Heike’s last message came at about 5:15 Cairo time (9:15 CST here in Texas).

I gotta go hug my dog. And pray.

Amy *weeping*

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Amy Shojai, CABC is a certified animal behavior consultant (dogs/cats), award winning author of 30+ pet care titles and thrillers, and spokesperson to the pet industry.

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