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Help for Egypt’s Animals

To those who read yesterday’s unusual Woof Wednesday blog, today’s is an update and continuation of the situation with my colleague and cat writer friend (last name and picture removed for safety reasons) who lives and works in Cairo. Members of the Cat Writers Association (of which she is a member) and Dog Writers Association of American sent well wishes and suggestions. I passed on information about pet travel specialists agencies who help transporting people AND pets and may be of assistance in this ongoing conflict.

Heike has said that if she must leave, she already has arrangements for responsible people to care for her cats and dog. Meanwhile, she’s watching the situation from a (so far) safe distance but communicating by phone with those in the middle of the demonstration. This morning I received the following messages from Blackberry—transcript follows:

“Some asked how to help. And they are depending on foreign help. In this time animal rescue organizations have a hard time to collect money from donators within Egypt. If u can, plz spread z word.

“hello amy. Just woke up after few hours of bad sleep. Lots of wishes have come through from CWA friends and strangers. A good organization is ESMA. They are on Facebook as well. I left a note with more names on FB.

Bad sleep here too. Will ck FB. Getting the word out. Had news on most of yesterday. Afraid to look today.

“Worse than yday. Many dead. Many injured.

Oh god . . .

“One of my clients is in the middle of the battle. Pro Mubarak forces are shooting at him and his friends with a sniper.

Looked like they were surrounded and couldn’t get out if they wanted

“Yes. If they try they’ll be slaughtered one by one.

Can people get in to help with supplies? Or they also be picked off?

“The big hypermarket near my house is on fire. No in no out. People inside defenseless. No wepons. Not sufficient blood banks.

Saw multi ambulances go in last night. Are they being kept away now?

“Doctors don’t have sufficient supply.

Where is the army?

“They are there. But remain neutral until now. But if the tanks shoot 1000s  ll  b dead. They have no order to shoot.

They can’t go after the sniper?

“Don’t know. All of this is a political bloody theatre.

Mubarek orchestrated…?

“Yes. And all he does today comes 2 late.

Oh my friend the world weeps…


The conversation ended there—hopefully will have better news in future. I’ve posted further information to my Facebook page, including EMSA. Typical of Heike she also remains concerned over the welfare of the animals. Reports indicate that pets trapped in pet shops get no care, and the horses and camels used in the fight in Tahrir square also were injured. Heike says that Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals has taken over feeding Giza zoo animals.

“Society for Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt and a bred specific Egyptian Mau Rescue Organization are  respectable organizations that need help. Brooke Hospital takes care of horses and donkeys. Please spread the word!”


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Amy Shojai, CABC is a certified animal behavior consultant (dogs/cats), award winning author of 30+ pet care titles and thrillers, and spokesperson to the pet industry.

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