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Feline Friday: Cat Introductions

Barney's home to stay!

Happy Feline Friday! Today is a snow day—actually an ice-and-snow day. Here in North Texas we had ice shut down the area on Tuesday, followed by snow and…just when it began to clear, another 3 inches overnight. Only the d*g enjoys the weather.

But wait, today the blog is about cats! After being stuck inside four days, cabin fever has begun to set in. It makes me feel more sympathy for our safely housebound kitties who must learn to adjust each time a new cat friend (INTERLOPER!!!) joins (INVADES!) the household.

Just yesterday I received a wonderful note from a writer colleague, Carol Johnson, who is an assistant professor of English at Tulsa Community College. She’d had some problems integrating her newest kitty friend (in the picture) with the rest of the cat household:

“Thanks to you Barney is still here. I’ve raised dozens of cats, from wild barn cats to purebreds, but he was the most fearful, traumatized little guy I’ve ever seen. I read your book on kitten care and in two weeks he was out from under the bed. Two more weeks and he’s terrorizing the other four. I’ll be two more weeks and he’ll own the place. Every last one of the previous cats has taken to him, and I followed your advice about a room of his own and introducing them slowly.” She’s posted a more detailed (and very flattering!) review on

YAY!!! Carol’s note made my day that information in Complete Kitten Care made such a positive difference. The book covers lots more of course about choosing, caring for, and raising the furry baby to be the best cat friend possible. 

You can learn more about how to introduce a new cat and keep peace with your resident cats as well as the importance of cat social structure when you introduce a new cat to resident felines in this article. 

What if you have a d*g (hiss-spit!) and the cat objects? My cat Seren was nine years old and had never lived with a dog when Magical-Dawg arrived at eight-weeks-old. He already outweighed her at eleven pounds. The first weeks had her tail in a twist, but four years later, Seren has the now-85-pound pooch under her paw! You can read helpful how-to tips in this article about Introducing Cats to Dogs.

Of course some cats love adults but think babies and toddlers are a whole other species! If you’re an expectant parent, you can take steps to prepare your kitties for the new addition so they welcome your infant as part of the kitty family, using these Cat-to-Baby Introduction tips. And if you’re a grandparent with visiting family, these 13 Tips for Intro-ing toddlers and Kids to Cats should be helpful.

Until next Friday, stay warm and to combat cabin fever, why not engage your kitties in some fun games? (Hey, that’s a good topic for a future blog!)

Purrs and trills,


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Amy Shojai, CABC is a certified animal behavior consultant (dogs/cats), award winning author of 30+ pet care titles and thrillers, and spokesperson to the pet industry.

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