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Tuesday Tips: Kindle-ization and Romancing NAKED Books

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Those who read this blog know that I’ve been I’ve been updating and “kindle-izing” my backlist books. Authors interested in taking the plunge can learn about my journey in a serious of previous blogs on the subject that include how-to tips. I’ll also be teaching a seminar on Ebooks the weekend of May 6-7 in Oklahoma City at the OWFI Conference. Hope to see you there—I’ll be the one wearing the rhinestone #1-Bitch pin (you think I’m joking? Ha!).

Don’t want to DIY? More and more traditional publishers have jumped on the Ebook bandwagon. Most seem intent on pricing Ebook versions at the same level as print—there are all kinds of reasons NOT to do that!—as well as undercutting authors on royalty rates. But a few seem to get it. Romance publishers are a bit ahead of the learning curve with Harlequin’s digital imprint Carina Press trailblazing.

Yesterday Avon announced Avon Impulse digital books. According to Publisher’s Lunch, the imprint which will feature ebook novels and novellas (with POD editions also available) by current Avon authors and aims to “seek new talent to nurture in an e-book marketplace that finds romance experiencing expansive growth.” No advances but authors get a graduated royalty—25 percent for the first 10,000 copies sold, and 50 percent thereafter. 

Hmnnn. I’d look into writing furry romances. . . NAKED NAKED NAKED! but my spayed/neutered pets have no interest. Ahem.

Woofs & purrs,


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