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Woof Wednesday: Diarrhea & Taxes

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Based on yesterday’s “dogs roll in stuff” video and today’s posts you’d think this blog has gone into the toilet . . . and some days/weeks it really does turn out that way. Sharing your life with dogs and cats, being self employed–or dealing with a !#$%^&*()! boss, means we all shovel a lot of if on a daily basis. Sometimes literally.

The Magical-Dawg has a whoopsie tummy. *sigh* Last year he developed loose stools off and on for a couple of weeks, but still felt fine. We did the standard routine–withheld food and water for 24 hours to rest his gut (pissed off the dawg!) or offered only small amounts of bland food. Plain yogurt to help repopulate the “good bacteria” in the gut, or highly digestible cottage cheese with plain white rice.  How do you handle your pets’ diarrhea?

The boy luvs his food!

Magic likes these alternative foods so much, I sometimes wonder if he doesn’t break with the runs just to get the treat! Anyway, last year we thought it was under control until the several days I had jury duty and wasn’t home to monitor–and returned to find a mess with a majorly sick dawgie. Stoopid me should’ve had him vetted before it turned serious. Oh, he recovered after some major horse-capsule worm medicine rid him of the “bugs” he’d imbibed from swilling drinks from the tank. (A “tank” is Texan for “ginormous manmade puddle)

Anyway, since that time the Magical-dawg’s CREATIVITY has been carefully monitored. Yesterday the vet checked a stool sample and found it negative.  So we’re guessing it’s a result of stress being confined for loooooooooooong hours this past weekend while I spoke at the Professional Journalists conference and my hey-honey prepared taxes for 14+ hours a day.

The gate in the Magic-Mobile should be tax deductible!

Yes, countdown to tax season faces us all. Do taxes make you whimper and howl? I’m still waiting for the Magical-Dawg and Seren-Kitty to be legal to claim as dependents. And hey, if we write about pet food, shouldn’t we get to deduct that cost? Oh, and since the dawg’s diarrhea resulted from the stress of my job (being away), seems only fair to list “diarrhea expense” under itemized deductions.

How many of us don’t have health insurance–or at least, as much coverage as we should? (…raising furry paw) Since pets are good for our health — check out the blog on the topic — Uncle Sam should pay US for housing, feeding, training, and loving our furry charges!

The AKC just sent out a press release “From Puppy Bling to Lavish Toys…” and my furry ears pricked up. Seems they conducted a tongue-in-cheek survey and found “63% of dog owners who receive a tax refund will use the money to pamper their dog.  The most popular splurge-worthy item was doggy bling (a rhinestone collar or fancy leash).”

Will your tax refund “go to the dogs?” How would our dogs choose to spend their tax refund? Never-ending smorgasbord? Herd of sheep? Cats that allow sniffing? Magical-Dawg has his eye on a yogurt machine.  Channel your “inner dawg” (or kitty!) and share how they’d spend a tax refund.

I love hearing from you, so please share comments and questions–and to stay up to date on all the latest just subscribe the blog, “like” me on Facebook, listen to the weekly radio show, and sign up for Pet Peeves newsletter with pet book give-aways!

About amyshojai

Amy Shojai, CABC is a certified animal behavior consultant (dogs/cats), award winning author of 30+ pet care titles and thrillers, and spokesperson to the pet industry.

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  1. exclusivelycats

    Mollie would buy more furry tail/fishing pole toys, which she drags upstairs in the middle of the night. But Mom just got a n/used iMac. Dunno, if it’s my great accountant, but I deduct a ton of my cat-related expenses. I write about food and nutrition, why shouldn’t I deduct it?
    For tummy stuff, try Slippery Elm powder. It coats the tummy and it’s highly nutritious. ‘Course my cats have perfect poops. 😉

    • Hi Sally, Used to be Seren would spend all her refund on Kitty Kaviar. But the latest batch is off…no smell (?!) so she’s not interested. Here sparkle ball collection is to die for…(yes, even the cat likes bling!). Magic probably would spring for more Frisbees.

      I’ve used the Slippery Elm before, as well as the Western medicine Immodium. *s* Just resting his gut has worked this time around, though, he’s better today.

      Oh, and my tax guy is very persnickety about what’s deductible. Can you imagine, he won’t let me claim bling??? What’s up with that? Says I wear it for more than work . . . well duh, why else would one have bling? It’s not just for special occassions like work any more. LOL!

      • exclusivelycats

        Check out your local health food store for dried bonito flakes (the Oriental foods section). They’re cheaper and less $$$.

  2. See, I bought two JUMBO size canisters at a cat show some time ago and probably haven’t used ’em in time so it’s grown stale and lost pungence. Will check for the bonito at the health food store. For cats, stinky is GOOD!

  3. It’s funny you should have diarrhea as the subject of you blog. All of the animals are having a bout. After withholding food for 24 hrs the dogs I put on yogurt, brown rice and milk. I’m adding in a bit of chicken now. The cats have not been eating on their own and seem to recover quicker than the dogs did. What can you do for cats in this situation?

    • Hi Angela, Actually cow’s milk can cause some diarrhea…it actually works pretty good to counter constipation, LOL! Pets have trouble digesting lactose. For cats (and dogs), adding pumpkin that has lots of fiber (the plain canned) can help a great deal. Lots of pets seem to like the taste. A bit mixed in food can do the trick.

  4. We used to have an older cat who had chronic diarrhea. Out of desperation and after hearing that cats digest chicken more easily than anything else (no idea if it’s true), I switched her to a nothing-but-chicken diet. Chicken was the #1 ingredient in her dry food and we got only chicken canned food (which was shared between her and the other two cats we had). After about a week, we noticed a definite difference and she was back to her (old, crabby, curious) self.

    • Diarrhea is just a symptom, not a specific illness so there’s LOTS of different causes. Yep, a food sensitivity can certainly disrupt the gut. Poor kitty. As cats become old-fogey felines, their digestion often gets a bit iffy, too, so more highly digestible food can help. I’d not heard that chicken is more digestible, but certainly it’s more bio-available than some other commercial foods with “filler” type products. So if there’s less waste, there’s less “schtuff” to turn into diarrhea. Thanks for sharing–glad she returned to her curmudgeonly cat routine!


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