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Weird Woof Wednesday: Knee-Jerk Reactions & Poopy-Puppies

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Puppies often eat schtuff--and then want to SMOOCH you on the lips.

We’ve had two blogs in a row filled to the brim with writer-icity, so it’s time for a bit of SQUEEEE! puppy-licious fun. There are a number of weird behaviors, though, that puzzle even savvy dog owners. One’s enough to make you question your dog’s good taste–literally.

Coprophagia–sounds all literary-like, right? But that’s just a fancy word for eating (ahem) poop.

Ew! You might want to put down your McMuffin while reading this.

Poop eating can be nature’s way for mom-dogs to keep the nest clean, and Junior-Dawg simply copy cats the behavior. It’s annoying, nasty, and great fun for juvenile delinquent pups. Even the Magical-Dawg indulged in his youth, played keep-away with the crap and one time actually carried some inside the house. Oh yeah, THAT went over well, and reinforced the cat’s opinion of him.

Most pups outgrow the behavior. If you have a canine connoisseur of pungent productions (say THAT fast five time!), these 10 tips to stop eating poop will help.  Just take a look at that face (below) and tell me you couldn’t forgive that keep-’em-laughing puppy! In fact, read on for some neato news.

July 15-17, is joining with over 1,500 rescue groups and shelters across North American for what could be the largest adoption event in history–in honor of 15th Birthday year! That sweet puppy above with the goof-ball grin is Booger-Boy  and he’s available–just click on thr picture for a link to details. Betcha once he’s adopted (and you could change the name!) he’d promise not to eat anything you don’t want him to eat…except maybe a favorite sock that reminds him of his beloved human . . .

A less annoying but still puzzling behavior involves doggy scratching behavior. Does your pooch kick when he’s scratched? Is it a certain place if you rub him the right way, or will his leg jitter and jump with any scratch? The Ask Amy video below has some answers–but what have I missed? Why do you think dogs “fiddle” when scratched?

And do your dogs (or pups) eat nasty stuff? How do you handled the problem? Please share!

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Amy Shojai, CABC is a certified animal behavior consultant (dogs/cats), award winning author of 30+ pet care titles and thrillers, and spokesperson to the pet industry.

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  1. I’m pretty sure my dog eats the kitty poo out of the litter box sometimes….and for whatever reason she’s proud of herself. It’s the only time she races down the stairs like she just won an award. I’ve never caught her in the act, so I don’t want to punish her….

    • That’s one thing we never had a problem with Magic–but then, the cat would have kicked the stuffing out of him had he gone within paw-touch of her potty!

  2. Well, our dogs liked to chomp up dead stuff more than they chomped up poop.

    The dog I grew up with was taught “drop it” early on – it was one of the few commands litt;le miss stubborn listened to every time (except that one time she brought me a turtle that turned out to be injured by a mower but that’s a special case). Smart dog. Knew when she could get away with not listening and when she’d better shape up.

    We didn’t have quite as luck with the next dog. He came to us a little older… and… well… if Jodi was an Einstein, Freckles was an absolute dunce. A sweet and loving dunce, but a dunce nonetheless.

    • Quite as MUCH luck, even. Yeesh I shouldn’t type when I’m fried.

      • Typing while fried….LOVE that phrase, I may steal it! I resemble that remark. *s* Thanks muchly for visiting the blog. It’s interesting how the pets of our lives each bring lessons to teach us–Jodi could have spoiled you for all other dogs but instead gave you patience and understanding that Freckles needed a different, more patient approach. Right?

        • A little bit of both, I suspect. I definitely prefer smart dogs, but one of the best things she taught me, I think, is that pets are very much individuals. I don’t think anybody could have met that dog and denied animals have personality.

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