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Monday Mentions: Cat Art, Dog Sperm Detectors & PhD Sheep

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Bernadette captures the essence of cat-ness in her illustrated calendar.

Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo links and blogs and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. To start off the blog right (or is that write?), I’ve two books to feature of the pet persuasion.

My colleague Bernadette Kazmarski has published her first book Great Rescues Calendar that sings the praises of the many cats she’s met over the years. As an artist specializing in cats, Bernadette certainly has a purr-fect eye for feline beauty. She writes, “It falls under the category of things created via feline muses. I’d hardly have published this, or done all those portraits that are in it, or done any artwork at all in fact–who knows what I’d be doing–if it weren’t for my cats and their guiding, inspiring presences in my life.” Each picture includes the cat’s rescue story, year the portrait was done, artistic medium and size of the finished portrait. For instance:

Christie's happy ending story.

Bernadette continues to do feline portraits so AFTER you purchase her gorgeous calendar, see about contacting her for a portrait of your special feline friend (maybe it’ll be included in a future book!).

I met Robert Scott–virtually met him–over at KindleBoards and Smashwords while bringing my backlist pet care books back to life as Ebooks and POD. Folks, pets touch us all in many marvelous ways and the legacy they leave behind can be powerful indeed. You can read about Robert’s journey that lead him to write about losing his beloved canine companion and perhaps his book will help others going through the same experience.

Today’s list of Mentions covers all kinds of furry, weird and writerly topics, so browse and enjoy. And remember, those who have a new book, blog, article, fill-in-the-blank that might be a fit, please email me (amy AT with the particulars of your book/work and I’d love to feature you on a future blog. Hey, it’s all about helping each other out, right?

I suspect thriller writers (including those with an artistic or spiritual bent) appreciate some of the biting tidbits in today’s blog. Enjoy and share.


My colleague Sara Basore has been named Editor-In-Chief of G.IS.G Heavenly Publications. She writes, “We are taking submissions for an anthology called Spiritual Awakening: Stories of Praise and Redemption. We want a variety of stories from all genres, from Young Adult to Nostalgia to Horror to Romance and all in between.” She also says her cat Ginger will help by walking across the laptop keyboard.


Will an Antibody Profile replace DNA identification? Great blog post from my fav forensics expert D.P. Lyle (who writes great thrillers, by the way…)

Rapist caught by sperm-sniffing K9 officer–folks, you can’t make this stuff up!

New study reveals sheep are smarter than monkeys! That’s to baaa-aaa-aaaad.


Another of my favorite artists, Kim Santini, offers portraits of dogs, cats, horses, cows–you name it–and even has a newsletter Painting A Dog A Day, check it out.

The myth of the “hypoallergenic dog”  What do YOU think? One of the email lists I’m on has had quite a spirited discussion about the topic.

Cat Wisdom 101 blog from my colleague Layla Morgan Wilde covers all-things-cats, from book reviews and SQUEEEE! lovely kitty pictures, to interviews with experts, rescue matters, and a variety of fun to serious subjects. Check it out–tell her I sent you!

Like kitty TV? Sally Bahner’s awesome Exclusively Cats blog kibbles about the good, the bad and the so-so meowy programming.

What exactly does “human grade” mean in pet food? Excellent explanation from my colleague Kim Thornton over at Pet Connection.

I love hearing from you, so please share comments and questions–and to stay up to date on all the latest just subscribe the blog, “like” me on Facebook, listen to the weekly radio show, and sign up for Pet Peeves newsletter with pet book give-aways!

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Amy Shojai, CABC is a certified animal behavior consultant (dogs/cats), award winning author of 30+ pet care titles and thrillers, and spokesperson to the pet industry.

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  1. This is great, thanks Amy!

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  3. Thanks for the mention, Amy, and your kind comments!

  4. Pingback: Amy Shojai “Mentions” Great Rescues on her blog today! « The Creative Cat

  5. I just received my copy of Bernadette’s Great Rescues calendar – isn’t it just gorgeous?

  6. Amy, Ingrid just let me know you mentioned me since my internet fizzled in the past 24 hours.Thanks so much! It’s finally up and being unplugged proved a welcome rest. Tomorrow is the last day to enter our contest to win copy of Bernadette’s stunning calender.

  7. Great post and a great bunch of resources (that I have been checking out instead of doing other work around home…) Thanks, I think! 🙂


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