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Monday Mentions: Wildlife, Writer-Life & Crap-icity

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Gorgeous "Peri" loves posing.

Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo links and blogs and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. So I had to share these lovely pictures taken by photographer Sherry Aldrich Sineath when she posted them in my Flickr Kitty Publishing group (thank you Sherry!). There’s a Puppy Publishing group, too–please do NOT post if you don’t want your pictures shared here or on my other venues. Yes, I’m getting a weeeee bit testy about that.

On another note, I’ve finished posting all my Ask Amy videos, to date–and have a list of questions y’all have sent. So stay tuned, new ones am a-coming atcha this week! And if you have a pressing question, feel free to post in the comments section.


Of course, I hope that Peri-Kitty and her friends know their way home and have identification and safe places to play and enjoy the glorious sunshine and grass. So are your pets microchipped? Do they have safe outside play areas? In North Texas, coyotes come up on the back patio looking for snacks–living, breathing snacks. Seren would make one mouthful. Magic would invite the critters inside to play. So we’re very careful about outdoor excursions.

I pray you’ll never need it but should your pet become lost, check out Find Toto for lost pets–My pet writer colleague Betty Sleep (check out her gorgeous cats & books!) says, “They have an automated robo call type service that will call X number of the residences surrounding where the animal was lost, giving its info, and where to contact the owner.”


What Happens When Predators–Wolves, Cougars, Bears–Disappear?  Food for thought–nature abhors a vacuum, so what will fill the empty spots? What do you think?

Our two cats and their raccoon friend (?)

It's unusual for raccoons to target cats--as in this pic, mostly they just target cat food!

Raccoons Target House Cats offers yet another reason to keep Kitty safely inside. Have you ever had wildlife swipe pet food? Or swipe a pet (horrors!).

And now researchers seem to target house cats, blaming them for cancer. Wow, sounds like a plot for a science fiction book–and IMO you do need quite an imagination to buy into the premise. You can read a rebuttal here.

Dolphins & Sea Lions Go to War — and some GORGEOUS photos at incredible blogger/writer Danielle Meitiv’s blog.


David Gaughran’s Blog covers self publishing with excellent how-to advice and commentary.

Looking for an agent? Know someone who is? Then check out the 2011 Backspace Agent-Author Seminar. Two days of panel discussions and small-group workshops with more than 25 literary agents on the program! Check the Frequently Asked Questions section, or write to Backspace Administrators Karen Dionne ( or Christopher Graham ( By the way, you really should check out Karen’s environmental thrillers, they rock!

Are you an editor looking for a gig? Carina Press, the Ebook arm of Silhouette Books, is looking for Freelance Development and Content Editors (be sure you read the details).


You have GOT to watch (and then share!) this video–for all the folks who sling crappiocca (or let their dogs do-do-diggidy-do it!). What do YOU do when your doggies do that doo-doo thing?

I love hearing from you, so please share comments and questions. Do you have an ASK AMY question you’d like answered? I’m nearly ready to record a bunch of new ones, so be sure to get your requests in the comments. Stay up to date on all the latest just subscribe the blog, “like” me on Facebook, listen to the weekly radio show, check out weekly FREE PUPPY CARE newsletter, and sign up for Pet Peeves newsletter with pet book give-aways!

About amyshojai

Amy Shojai, CABC is a certified animal behavior consultant (dogs/cats), award winning author of 30+ pet care titles and thrillers, and spokesperson to the pet industry.

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  1. i really enjoyed today’s Monday Mash-Up, thanks Amy!

  2. What happens when wolves, cougars, and bears disappear? You get Ohio, where coyotes cause havoc because they’re not as afraid of people as the bears and wolves that used to live here… oh, and let’s not forget the nuisance deer that aren’t getting eaten by nonhuman predators anymore.

    As for cats and cancer… even if it is true… this is why we wash our hands after cleaning the litterbox, children. You learned to wash your hands from your mommies, right? That shouldn’t stop in adulthood. WASH YOUR HANDS. There, I just prevented your cancer. 😛

    Every time I read that “dolphins and sea liona go to war” headline, even though I know the military has been using them, I keep getting this mental image of this battalion of dolphins going up against a huge line of sea lions in some epic lord-of-the-rings style melee battle. LOL

    • LOL Karyl, I like your style! And yes, my brother’s family lives in Columbus and I’ve heard the same issues there.

      Last night, AFTER I’d put together the blog, just happened to see a CNN special that had some incredible footage of both dolphins and sea lions at work. Amazing stuff.

      • The real fun in this state is when you get the occasional Coydog (though with the size of the ones around here I suspect they all have a wee bit of dog in them) – not only are they not afraid of people, they seem to have a drive to outright be near them… except there’s that whole predatory instinct… I’ve heard of a few places in southern Ohio where they tell you if you go out at night, never go alone and go with a gun. It’s nuts… I’ve met coyotes in some parts of the state that aren’t as crazy, most in other states west of here aren’t nuts. But some of the ones we get here, I dunno what’s in their heads – I kinda wonder if the population boom just sort of leads to higher incidences of abnormal behavior. I mean, statistically it would make sense. The more there are, the more chances there are of one being born that’s a bit “off”. I think somebody must have finally tagged that one that got my mom’s cat because I haven’t seen him in a couple years… huge thing, came right up to the house in broad daylight.

        I have, at least, been lucky enough to avoid the deer on the roads so far though. Hopefully it stays that way…

        I think the dolphin program is one of the things the Navy was trying to get my sister to do, back at the end of high school when you get all the recruiter calls. They saw her test scores… it was like, that and some nuclear physics program. They really started angling when they found out she liked dolphins. Hoo boy. lol

        • It’s likely the coyotes and coy-dog hybrids (as well as feral dogs) breed more and more “bold” offspring because those are the ones able to survive in an environment that requires close human contact. Here in N Texas there’s still room to run and more bunnies/pet cats to eat a couple acres over.

          We’ve got a population of feral hogs that devastates local farms and ranches, and they no longer have any natural enemies. They’re too big for coyotes and the wolves and mountain lions are gone. We still see the occasional bobcat.

          • Oooh man, feral hogs are scary too. From what I’ve heard, I think I’ll take the pack of coyotes over even one of those! I’ve been told those can get NASTY.

  3. I love that scoop video! I’m sharing it! LOL Thanks Amy! I’m headed to shyhound to share it!

  4. Actually, I’ll send them the link, but I’ll share it on my homepage! She’ll get it!

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