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Monday Mentions: Writer-icity, Canine Awards & Glowing Cats

Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo links and blogs and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. Today we’re celebrating a debut book, some amazing canines, glowing cats and fantastic writer conference/contest ops among other things.

It rained–and hailed–here last night. The rain is welcome after all the fires we’ve had and continuing drought conditions. But it drove at least two crickets inside–and they proceeded to drive me crazy! I sent Seren-kitty after them so eventually little cricket drumsticks will be all that’s left of ’em, but meanwhile the ventriloquist act drives me buggy. At least crickets aren’t dangerous to dogs and cats like bug bites and stings. Here in Texas we even get to deal with tarantulas an scorpions–hey, that’s sort of like dealing with publishers. *eg* Exactly the same, only different.

Please don’t be shy about sending me your own links or suggestions for others to highlight. I love doing a SNOOPY-DANCE-’O-JOY! in celebration of all the savvy writers and animal advocates doing the work of the angels–and to a few angels as well.

CAT CALLS New Book by Cat Experts Extraordinaire! Calling All Cat-Lovers! New York cat expert and cat sitter Jeanne Adlon, with purr-fessional writer Susan Logan, bring readers a tasty smorgasbord of fun kitty anecdotes seasoned with sound advice, and lots of furry inspiration. Cat Calls is Paws-itively delightful! For those who may not be aware, Jeanne is a contributor to while Susan is editor of Cat Fancy magazine–as a friend of mine likes to say, “It don’t get no better none!”

Hey, I’m a writer, cain’t ya tell?


GREEN GLOWING CATS and nope, it’s reality and not out of some thriller novel. But come to think of it, that might make a neat plot twist.

5 CANINES WIN AKC “ACE” AWARDS The recipient in each category (Exemplary Companion, Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Service, and Therapy) will receive an engraved silver collar medallion and a check for $1,000 at a presentation ceremony at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in Orlando, Florida, on December 17, 2011. Each Honorable Mention recipient will be mailed a bronze collar medallion.

White House Pets Pictures came to me in an email out of the blue–some neat new photos I hadn’t seen before.


Writer Beware Blog has a terrific mix of publishing news on lawsuits and new trends, and writer tips written by Victoria Strauss and A.C. Crispin.

HOW TO BUILD A WRITING TEAM from Jenny Hansen’s excellent blog. Seriously, y’all need to bookmark this one!

Piper Bayard’s “On Life, Belly Dancing and Apocalyptic Annihilation has some of the coolest writer insights–and just plain LOL moments. You’ve gotta check out the Ben & Jerry’s latest ice cream flavor Schweddy Balls.


LIVESCRIBE, Never Miss A Word: My colleague Dusty Rainbolt some time ago mentioned a “magic pen” recommended some years ago by a speaker at the Cat Writers Association Conference. She raves about the LiveScribe, able to record a seminar, conversation or phone call. It apparently has some sort of smart memory so that you can “write” down a note about a topic on the special paper, later tap the text on your note and the recording plays back from there. As with many digital devices you can save the recording to the computer. I don’t have one but plan to look into this nifty writer’s tool. For thriller writers, it sounds like something the well-outfitted spy character might carry!

WORSE THAN CONTENT MILLS?   For those of us struggling to provide top-notch original content, this is scary. Computers generating word-spin and you don’t even have to buy lunch. Say it ain’t so! What do you think?

Ebook FOREIGN RIGHTS OPS article from thriller writer Karen Dionne.


Cat Writers Association 18th Annual Conference takes place this November 17-19 in White Plains, New York with many sessions specific to publishing and writing about pets–or really any subject. Oh, and I’ll be there with Susan Logan of Cat Fancy offering some “caterwauls” as entertainment. *s*

International Thriller Writers “Thrillerfest” and “Craftfest” Conference “early bird” registration is now open! But to get the best rate you’ll need to register by September 30. Of course you can still register later for the July 12, 2012 conference.

Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc. hosts a massive contest for unpublished work each year, often judged by professionals who happen to be editors, agents and published authors. It’s cheap-cheap-cheap for invaluable feedback, only $20 for entering all of the 29 unpublished and 4 published book categories. The whole point of the contest is to help writers improve the work on the journey to publication. Check it out!

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About amyshojai

Amy Shojai, CABC is a certified animal behavior consultant (dogs/cats), award winning author of 30+ pet care titles and thrillers, and spokesperson to the pet industry.

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  1. I seriously don’t know what I would do if I had to deal with tarantulas. I hate spiders with a passion. Thanks for the great links – will check them out.

    • Tarantulas here in Texas travel in herds, LOL! I’ve only seen that a couple of times but you stop the car and wait for them to cross the road. They’re really pretty shy and non-aggressive. But Magical-dawg found one when he was a pup and nose-poked it into a frenzy before I realized and got him away. I don’t mind spiders.

      Scorpions though scare me! Seren-kitty wants to play with ’em, yikes! They are eminently flush-able IMO.

  2. I’m so glad to hear you’ve gotten some rain. Thanks for the shout out. I’m honored. 🙂

    • Hey Piper, I’d subscribed to your blog (I though!) long ago but never got the posts–went back and checked and had to “activate” it so now I’m all happy-like. Had to share. *s*

  3. Thanks for all of the interesting links and comments!!!

  4. …I’m in the middle of the last of the 3 Joe Grey mysteries my mom’s friend gave me, and now I’m picturing a new one involving a glowing “ghost cat”. Can you imagine how people would freak if one of those escaped the lab? LOL Though you gotta wonder if it’s going to spawn a new cat breed… oh geez…

    As for spiders, I always worry about those here. We get widows and recluses… the latter are harder for me to pick out because a lot of common house spiders look a LOT like em. When in doubt, much as I hate to smoosh without reason, I smoosh em anyway. Least it’s not as bad as that black widow that apparently was living in my shower for months before the other half moved in and spotted it one morning (I could only see a something moving without my glasses on and figured it was a plain old house spider).

    I do like my black and yellow garden spiders, though. They’re friendly and have never tried to bite. And… don’t come in the house where the cats will try to play with them.

    I do wonder, though, how toxic centipedes are? Or at least the ones that live around here. I’ve heard they can be… tried to stop Anubis from chasing one around the kitchen floor right at the start of summer when the bugs start trying to move in… kept trying to eat it, then pulling back, making his “ick” face, trying to shake the taste off him… then trying to eat it again. It’s almost as bad as my dad’s old cat Molly with my cactus I had as a kid….

    • Karyl, I’ve not found anything specific to pets and centipede toxicity–mostly it appears the sting is similar to the pain of scorpion stings. The large ones (6-8 inches) are the ones capable of the most harm, so if they’re little probably not dangerous–but could be painful.

      Joe Grey mysteries are terrific! I know Shirley Murphey from the Cat Writers Association, she’s won several awards for her books.

  5. Tarantulas…scorpions…shudder-shudder!!

    You threw me into an a-a-amazing line-up…THANK YOU! I always love your writer-icity posts, Amy. 🙂

    p.s. If I have tarantula dreams, you are sooooo in trouble!


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