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Woof Wednesday: Howl-oween Spook-tacular

Spooky Beckett

What does he see? Do you REALLY want to know?

Early people honored animals with cave paintings, worshipped them as gods, and felt awed by their mysterious ways. Even though dogs have become our partners and beloved companions, a mournful howl or puzzling behavior still can shiver your spine, especially around Halloween.

These 10 blood-chilling legends of demon dogs and ghostly saviors, creation fables and ancient gods have both reviled and celebrated man’s best friend. But is there any truth to these tales? Don’t ask the dog, he’s keeping his secrets safe!

Speaking of trick or treats, PLEASE be aware that chocolate can POISON your pet! It’s scary how something that tastes so good can be so dangerous, but puppies and chocolate are a deadly combination. With Halloween just two weeks away, many families will have lots of trick-or-treat candy in the house. Be sure to keep all of it out of reach, and refer to this article on warning signs and first aid tips for chocolate poisoning.

On the fun side of Halloween, maybe your dog wants to play dress up for the howl-iday? Does he want to channel his inner were-wolf? Does she enjoy “glamming” up for Halloween? Teach him to accept wearing that wild-and-crazy outfit (and overcome the embarrassment!) with these 7 pet costume training tips. But if he’s reluctant and you still want the dog to be festive, check out these 7 easy Halloween costumes for pups.

Does your dog howwwwwwllllll like the Hound of the Baskervilles? Magical-Dawg howls…when I sing. Check out the Ask Amy on the prowl about howls.

Have you ever seen a ghost dog? I have! My first dog–the reason I became a pet writer–died on Halloween night and a strange black cat came and stood over his body and yowled–and over that weekend I saw him and felt him jump on the bed. And no, it didn’t shiver my soul, it gave me a strange comfort he’d said goodbye. My colleague Dusty Rainbolt interviewed me about this on her very first Paranormal Pets radio podcast.  Since that time Dusty has posted 50 ghostly, ghoulish, uplifting, awesome shows about paranormal pets–be sure to check them out!

What are your Halloween favorites? How do your pets react? Will they be involved in the festivities this year? Please share!

I love hearing from you, so please share comments and questions. Do you have an ASK AMY question you’d like answered? Stay up to date on all the latest just subscribe the blog, “like” me on Facebook, listen to the weekly radio show, check out weekly FREE PUPPY CARE newsletter, and sign up for Pet Peeves newsletter with pet book give-aways!

About amyshojai

Amy Shojai, CABC is a certified animal behavior consultant (dogs/cats), award winning author of 30+ pet care titles and thrillers, and spokesperson to the pet industry.

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  1. Terrific post, Amy! Thank you for reminding us all of the dangers of chocolate… A great post to pass on. (I’ve heard that raisins are toxic, too – is that correct?)

    I’d thought of dressing my American bull dog as me and vice versa, but she’s not terribly enthused about costumes. 😉 She’s deaf, so no matter who comes knocking or howling at the door, she stays peaceful. Unless she sniffs a threat, however….She has a keen sense for that!

    • Hi August, you’re lucky that your dog doesn’t get noisy. Deaf cats often yowl even more because they can’t hear themselves, LOL!

      And you’re correct–raisins and grapes are no-no’s for dogs. They don’t know why but for some dogs these treats can cause renal failure–and since we don’t know which dogs, I just recommend you avoid ’em in all dogs.

  2. We will stay in at Halloween with our (black) cat and try to keep him reassured if there are fireworks or other annoying noises afoot.

    We’ll read Robert Burns’ Halloween poem, Tam O’Shanter aloud and maybe watch a thriller. Our cat will be part of it all unless he prefers to do something else & he tends to stick around for Burns’ poetry read aloud.

    Chocolate, onions and raisins are also bad for cats. Interestingly, our outdoor feral-turned-indoor cats seem to have been informed by their mothers not to eat those things, but we are extra cautious anyway.

    • Great reminder about cats and onions, et al. Thankfully kitties don’t tend to be fans of any of those very often but it’s always best to be cautious.

      Love that you’ll read Tam O’Shanter aloud–bet the pets would love that. In fact, pets sometimes make the best read-aloud audience, and listen intently tipping heads side to side. Or purrr-haps decide to snooze. I’ve not seen Hound…Baskervilles for several years, will watch for it on TV or find my copy in my book shelf.

  3. I see I didn’t answer your question about favorites. We love “Hound of the Baskervilles” and just got the Matt Frewer as Sherlock Holmes version so we might see that for the first time.

  4. Really interesting blog. We have three dogs now, having lost two over the past couple of years, 2 of them master howlers, so maybe they are revving up for the Celtic New Year? We once had one who would always howl when we played Marilyn Horne on various opera recordings, esp. Carmen. All of our dogs are shelter or adopted and they are the best dogs we’ve ever had.

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