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Feline Friday: 12 Weird Cat Behaviors Explained

Seren's Valentine Rose
Yes, this is a repeat of a previous blog post but I’ve many more followers since it first appeared. And frankly, I’m at deadline on a number of projects so–DO-OVER TIME! Enjoy!

We love them but cat behavior can puzzle and frustrate owners, making us think we have a weird cat. Does your cat eat weird things? Seren-kitty (above) can’t get enough of roses. Some cats act like battering rams, and pummel their special humans with head butts and body rubs. It’s called bunting behavior, and is one way cats communicate with each other, and their humans.

Why do cats pose in a quirky front-end bow with their nether regions raised? I call it elevator butt, although there’s a more polite technical name for the display. And what’s up with presenting his tail to your face? Actually, your cat’s action is a backhanded compliment and kitty-correct.

Cat with bowl
Do your cats cover their–ahem–creative efforts? Not all cats do this, and some try to cover their food bowl. How weird is that? Especially when they seem to prefer eating plastic.
Myster E. Watching TV 016
Does your cat want to phone home? Is kitty jealous of your time with the telephone?  or maybe they want attention when you’re on the computer? This quirky behavior also has a logical explanation. Learn about 12 weird cat behaviors, why cats do them, and how you can learn to live with them – or even enjoy your quirky kitty’s antics.

What are your cats’ foibles? Every cat is different, of course. My Seren-kitty, for instance, adores Philly cream cheese and has learned how to get the Magical-Dawg in trouble. She just “meow-meow-meows” so he comes running, and then her head spins around and she throws a hissy fit and chases the 90-pound lug across the room. How do your cats express their “inner creative kitty?”

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Amy Shojai, CABC is a certified animal behavior consultant (dogs/cats), award winning author of 30+ pet care titles and thrillers, and spokesperson to the pet industry.

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  1. Anubis only sometimes buries his “gifts”… more so now that he’s seen Simba do it, but usually he scratches at the wall instead, as if he’s trying to fill the entire hole (box) instead of just cover what he needs to cover. He’ll sit there and do that for several minutes, sniff, do it again, act confused that it’s not getting covered, then give up and walk away. He does try to bury his food sometimes too. LOL

    He also has this weird habit of licking plastic bags (which is REALLY annoying in the middle of the night when you wake up to weird slupring sounds LOL)

  2. Oscar summons me sometimes to let me know when he is going to make a litter box contribution because when he was sick he knew I wanted to know. I always compliment him on his “work” and thank him for letting me know (even though it can be inconvenient to come running).

  3. Oh geez, almost forgot one of Anubis’ other quirks (that he thankfully has stopped doing)… when he first moved in, for the longest time he would stand there and STARE at Simba while she was on the litterbox. It led to her making this godawful yowling noise I had never heard from her before. First time it happened I ran into the room thinking there was a fight going on. There she was standing ready to poop with him just outside the box watching her, her hair on end and yowling in his face.

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