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Monday Mentions: Fractal Felines, Cats with Thumbs, Extreme Dawgs & HALLELUJIA!

Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo links and blogs and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. When this posts, I’ll still be on the road (maybe away from the computer GASP!) so I put this list together late last week. To fill in the empty spaces, I left it up to Magical-Dawg and Seren-Kitty to pick out a couple of favorite videos.


Excuses–You Want Excuses? a whole slew of laugh-out-loud insurance excuses from Colin Falconer (hey, you need to check out his BOOK too!)

Stacy Green’s Glover for Lovers If you’ve got cold appendages, this blog has the answer for you. Stacy also writes a Thriller Thursday blog that’s a must-read.


Guest Blogger Jodi Renner on Killer Thriller Tips from the awesome Doug Lyle’s blog.

Pearson Wants MORE Rights, read about it in this Writer Beware post.

Jenny Hansen’s Awesome Formatting Tips for Writers

Lessons From Attila/Designing From Bones Blog from the awesome Gene Lempp–writers can learn a lot from these strong characters

Pets for Kids Poetry Contest, great pastime for creative kids over the holiday vacation

On Being Vulnerable–great post by blogger Nissi


Baggage Handler Fired for Helping Dog She did the right thing. What would YOU do?

Ease Travel Angst with Travel Calm from Earth Heart Inc.

EXTREME DOG WALKING This man takes his 16 dogs out for a bike ride and swim in a river every day. Look how well trained they are and how much they love him. By the time they return home, they are exhausted and ready for a good rest.

Stray Cat Poisoner Sentenced

Cat Inherits $13 Million, now that’s the cat’s meow!

PETSIDE.COM Holiday Sweeps, take a survey and get in line for $500

ProCATinator from the uber-evil Karyl Cunningham! cats doing CAT things to music–weirdly addictive.

Vir-Chew-Al Pet Gifts quite a variety and a really nice (truly!) gang of pet lovers run this show.

FRACTAL FELINES: This video is awesome–and IMO rates pretty high on the OOOK factor. What do you think? These Fractal Felines are enough to give Magical-Dawg nightmares but I think Seren sort of likes it.

CATS WITH THUMBS commercial just won an award! Awesome. Wonder if there’s a movie in the making?

HOMECOMING FOR THE HOWL-IDAYS: Here’s another video and the Magical-Dawg chose this one. It’s one of my favs, too. What about you?

MR. BEAN’S NATIVITY GAMES Admit it, you’ve wanted to do this!

HALLELUJIA CHORUS: Right in time for the holidays, this came across my virtual desk and I just had to share. Feel free to sing along.

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About amyshojai

Amy Shojai, CABC is a certified animal behavior consultant (dogs/cats), award winning author of 30+ pet care titles and thrillers, and spokesperson to the pet industry.

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  1. Re: the baggage handler article – “her manager responded with a show of compassion the Nazis would have admired” Nice use of Godwin’s Law, first of all. 😛 And second, maybe if it were a PERSON the statement would be accurate, but in spite of being hideous toward their fellow man, the Nazis were actually really big on animal welfare. So the Nazis probably would have been on Jones’s side on this one, frighteningly enough.

    As for her firing, retaliation for reporting an issue in the workplace is illegal, so I count the offer to re-hire her less as an act of apology and more an act of “please dear god don’t sue us”. But the managers involved in her dismissal should by all rights be fired, or at the very least be disciplined for their violation of her legal rights as an employee. While it’s a bit of a gray area I’m pretty sure a lot of courts would lean in her favor given the act was in relation to her job duties, and if you see something illegal going on in relation to said job you have the right to go report it, and to refuse orders if said orders are not within proper bounds – and in most areas there are at least SOME laws regarding animal abuse and neglect, so I’d say that would count. I mean, there are some cases where you would be expected to report it on your own time, however in this case it was a matter of urgency. I don’t know the specifics of the law, and they’re often leaned in favor of the employer, but given the right lawyer I’m pretty sure she could swing that one pretty easily. So if the managers try to retaliate if she returns to her job, wouldn’t be too hard for her to give the ultimatum of “fire them or we’ll deal with this in court”. Of course, this is based on minimal knowledge and my own opinion, since i don’t have legal training, but… well… let’s just say I’ve had my nose to the ground for things like this for my own sake in the past. But hopefully she knows she’s got options even if they do try to retaliate.

    On extreme dog-walking – check out all the pack behaviors going on there. 🙂 Looks a bit like interactions from a certain wild canine, don’t you think? 😉 (The REAL version, not the version previously observed in captive packs that turned out not to match the wild behaviors very much at all.) I LOVE to see things like that. It’s obvious that the dogs love and respect him, and he’s done a good job as serving as a leader, without making them scared of him. Paying attention to him for cues on what to do and where to go, alert and happy. I’ve only witnessed one other person whose dogs do that, and he only has 3. Just wow. And every bit of body language, they’re noticing. You can really see it at about 7:55 when they stop for traffic.

    Yahoo news article about the kitty inheritance isn’t loading up, but is anybody else thinking of Disney’s Aristocats? 😉 Hopefully this kitty doesn’t have a greedy butler trying to commit foul play though.

    Hehehehehe I knew I’d get you addicted to that site. Macarena cat is still my favorite that I’ve seen so far. Though 25 seems to be coming in a close second.

    Fractal cats is a bit creepy… looks like the rest of that guy’s videos are pretty trippy too, though I must admit the editing is impressive.

    If cats had thumbs, we’d all be doomed. 😉

    Oh geez, don’t read the comments on the homecoming blog. Somebody who thinks he’s a dog expert chiding people for thinking the dogs are happy, and the soldiers for encouraging the dogs’ “unstable state of mind”. I’m sorry, but while I do agree animals need consistency, I also believe “everything in moderation, including moderation” – in other words, letting them get excited on this one occasion is OK in my book. (And sorry but while some of the dogs in the video look a wee bit confused, most of them don’t look the least bit “unstable” to me… they look ECSTATIC.) People like that are why it frustrates me that dominance theory has become so publicized. 😦 Yes, it can work for some dogs, but I feel like it should only be used in EXTREME cases, and as a last resort, because there are other ways to handle your pup that are much kinder and still let him BE A DOG.

  2. You always introduce me to something(s :)) fabulous and cool I may’ve never come across. This time, it was Jodi Renner’s guest post. Thanks, Amy! Hope you and your furry friends have the best holiday.

  3. Another great collection Amy! I received the same Hallelujah Chorus video from several peeps and think it’s wonderful that it is having such exposure. Love it!

  4. Bit slow this week, WordPress, not me, really, its not me 🙂

    Thanks for the link love, Amy. Happy holidays to you and your two & four-legged kin!

  5. Amy, what a great mash-up! (Not just because I’m in it…thought I appreciate that 🙂 )

    I’m with August on Jodie’s post and I started crying over the military dog reunions. You might end up expecting that one to show up on More Cowbell some day. *sniffle*

    I’m echoing Gene on the holiday wishes…you have a great time!!

    • Thanks to Gene and Jenny and everyone for holiday wishes. I’m finally home and digging out from under the emails/messages. Hope everyone has a joyous celebration with family, friends, fur-kids et al. (hey, I can be litter-ary sometimes, too!)


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