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Woof Wednesday: Westminster & More Than Looks

Malachy the Pekingese wins Best In Show at Westminster!

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show crowned the latest winner last night–a dust-mop-size grinning lap dog with an attitude! I have to say, he stole the show for me, too, despite an outstanding field of doggy divas.

But oh my goodness, that HAIR! So much of it he resembled “scrubbing bubbles” from the wrong angle and the cameras had to search to find his face. Don’t get me wrong, Malachy is the absolute perfect example of the Peke–even though the breed has become somewhat of an extreme. Take what you like in a doggy type and exaggerate it to get the show dog, and it absolutely works in some and not so much in others.

Would you know how to care for all that coat? Magical-Dawg sheds bucketloads of fur each fall and spring, and the Furminator helps keep the doggy drifts under control. For a number of the show dogs, when they’re not being campaigned they may be trimmed in more easy-going trims or be covered up with bibs and ear snoods to keep from gumming up those fancy tresses with food or other debris.

I really love David Frei’s and the other announcer’s method of describing the show dogs’ temperament and care/work needs. That Peke is more than a pretty face, and the grooming alone requires hours that some owners may not have. Grooming, of course, involves more than just coat care. Even the mutt-off-the-street needs basic grooming in terms of brush or comb, and a regular bath when they get grubby, as well as toenail trims, ear care, and in the case of the Peke, some special eye care may be needed.

How do you keep your dog spiffy? Do you have a show-stopper? What tips help with the rough-and-tumble dirty dogs like my Magic to help keep grime to a minimum? Please share!

By the way, the winning Peke weighs in at 11 pounds. That’s how much Magical-Dawg weighed when he came home to live with us at 8 weeks.

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Amy Shojai, CABC is a certified animal behavior consultant (dogs/cats), award winning author of 30+ pet care titles and thrillers, and spokesperson to the pet industry.

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  1. I watched the Westminster Dog Show. Malachi had so much hair that I had a hard time seeing his legs. I have three beloved mutts and I have hair all over my bed, on my clothes and in my work out shoes. It was great to find out about the Furminater. It’s on my wish list. I’m also wishing for a small Dyson for all the dog hair on the carpeted stairs.
    My smallest dog is a terrier mix of rat terrier and maybe a Jack Russell. I recently started having her groomed once a month. She looks so much better and her coat is so much softer.

    The Peke’s are not my cup of tea but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    • Hi Mary, I love the Furminator, it really helps keep my house somewhat less of a big hairy deal. We have a pet Dyson, too, and it’s amazing!

      It’s good there are so many breeds of dogs to satisfy all the different “beholder eyes.” *s*

  2. Tooo cute!! I’ve never watched the shows but I imagine I’d love them.
    Tess is pretty easy to care for. I brush her around once a week and even with her toller long locks, she almost hardly ever gets knots or looks matted. Her hair stays naturally quite lovely but I brush it to reduce shedding around the house.
    We do groom her now. In the winter, her legs, paws, and belly are kept neat and trim to reduce snowballs. In the summer, we shave her. I miss her long gorgeous hair but I think she’s much cooler and happier because we can take her swimming all the time when she doesn’t take 6 HOURS to dry. LOL! That’s about it for grooming. Oh yeah, and brushing the teeth now…so fun! LOL!

    • Our Sheltie’s used to get ice balls between their toes and we had to keep paws trimmed in the winter. I hear ya about the drying time. Magic’s coat isn’t all that long and he still stays damp for hours. But he loves the toweling off game, so I think he gets wet on purpose.

  3. I love watching the Westminster but totally missed it this year with my head stuck in my WIP. I’ll have to watch recaps.
    I just sent the link to the Furminator to my son, whose adorable Lab sheds like crazy. Do you recommend the contraption?
    Good luck with Kurves! The opening night excitement must be mounting!

    • I missed most of Westminster this year, too, because of Kurves but there’s lots of chatter on the dog writers email lists so I get inside poop–so to speak. *s*

      Yes, I absolutely LOVE the Furminator. It’s pricy but the best that I’ve found.

      Opening night nerves are here to stay. We have a “preview” audience a week from tomorrow so the first performance comes a week earlier than the cast expected…dirty trick, I know. *s*

  4. He looks like my cat, a Mainecoon. I love his expression. We keep our animals looking spiffy with a brush (probably not often enough) and a bath. We have 2 dogs and 2 cats.

  5. I saw the promos for the show and meant to watch it because I’ve been reading your blog. 🙂 I always thought the big dogs won, so I’m glad a little one took the prize.

    We have a “mature” dog who came to us for her retirement years. lol. Really, she was a nursing home dog, and worked with troubled boys in a nearby boy’s home, as well as worked on an army base. Now, she’s retired and chasing our gophers. Sweet, sweet dog.


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