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Woof Wednesday: Ask Amy–Why Do Dogs Love Underwear?

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You asked, and I delivered– finally I’ve recorded more Ask Amy videos, and this new one is a doozy. For all the cat folks out there, I’ve previously written about why cats (and dogs) follow us to the bathroom so the answer has something to do with the same issues.

My Magical-Dawg loves socks. Not clean ones, he wants those my husband has worn all day, and hordes and stockpiles them so I must go on a sock-hunt each laundry day. The underwear love affair (hey that rhymes! could be a future lyric, hmnnnn) has to do with smells as well.

In keeping with the theme of underwear day, y’all might want to check out Kristen Lamb’s Pants Of Shame, or take a look at Jenny Hansen’s Undie Chronicles. WARNING! do not read while sipping beverage. Now consider how your dogs feel about those sorts of (ahem) undie indulgences.

So do your dogs love underwear? How do you manage to defend from furry marauders? What is your answer to the dilemma, below? Do tell…I mean really, please, DO TELL!

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Amy Shojai, CABC is a certified animal behavior consultant (dogs/cats), award winning author of 30+ pet care titles and thrillers, and spokesperson to the pet industry.

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  1. Oh geez, dogs would totally love the elephant mundies from Jenny’s post. I’ve always wondered why my dogs have to be in the bathroom with me… now I know. I assumed it was because I was a captive audience, guess I was right.

    I’ve got a question for Ask Amy ~ my Jack Russell is getting freakier as she gets older. Loud noises like thunder make her shake uncontrollably and crawl up into my face. I’ve been given a prescription for Xanax for her, but what else can I do before drugging her up? I will wrap her in a blanket, talk to her in a soothing voice, etc… but I can’t do that all day long. We live near Camp Pendleton and some days (like today and yesterday) they test stuff that goes boom! It rattles the windows and everything. Okay, truth be told it kind of freaks me out, too, but it makes little dog insane. Got any advice? As much as I like trying to write with a dog climbing inside my shirt, it gets old.


    • Hi Tameri, I’ll add this to the Ask Amy to-do questions. Meanwhile, here’s a link to and article with tips that should help:

      The Xanax may work very well for her! Some of these tips are great for the “expected” stuff like fireworks that last only a day, or when you can predict a thunderstorm. But the test-booms that come day after day without rhyme or reason probably would do best with the vet’s recommended dosage of anti-anxiety meds and then partner that with an anxiety wrap or something.

    • Can you just imagine a puppy curling up in those mundies and poking their paws down the trunks?? Fabulous comment, Tameri. 🙂 (Sorry your dog is freaking over Pendleton!)

      • I just had the funniest visual of a puppy getting stuck in the elephant mundies and scampering around the room. How cute would that be? Little ears flapping and the trunk spouting up. Oh, my I really think I need to get some now for my dog to wear!

    • I’ve heard wonderful things about those thundershirts Amy mentions in her link. I know most of our shy pets have also preferred to have someplace dark and sheltered to run and hide when the loud noises happen (usually under the bed for the cats). If she’s got a crate, maybe cover it with some heavy blankets so it not only makes it dark inside, but muffles the sounds? That way she has a “safe” spot where she can hunker down until the noises are over.

      • Thank you so much, Karyl. A crate is a great idea ~ we had one for her when she was a puppy, but don’t use it anymore now that she’d older and potty-trained, but that would be an excellent option. You and Amy make about the 5th person to recommend Thundershirts, so I’m definitely going to get her one.

        Amy, thanks for the link and response. I try to give comfort instead of Xanax because I’d probably be giving it to her everyday! We had an exciting time today while they shelled the base. Not. 😉 I’m off to order the Thudnershirt. I’ll let you know if I have success with it. Oh, and a crate as well.

        Thanks again!

  2. One of my dogs loves underwear, sweat pants, shirts – you name it, he’ll get it out of the hamper! The best deterrent is to simply close the hamper. Yes, he could nudge it open (like he does with his food bin), but he usually doesn’t. Only problem is my husband does well to get his clothes *in* the hamper. Closing it is too much to ask, so Wolfgang usually has no problem finding a hoodie or sweat pants to snuggle up with LOL!

  3. Great fun, Amy.
    New question, tagging along with this topic.

    Why does my dog eat panties?

    Our dog, Sydney, never swallows, but chews panties to pieces. Not mine, mine go in the hamper. My teen girls things hit the floor, the bed and everything in her room. I usually shut her door during the day, but Sydney sleeps in her room.

    Should I be worried, he may someday actually swallow them?

    • Yikes! We had a St Bernard pup while I worked as a vet tech that routinely chewed up blankets and ate them. He ended up with emergency surgery to remove the blockage. So…as long as Sydney doesn’t swallow he should be fine, and if he swallows small pieces that pass, probably he’d be okay.

      My cure would be–the teen girls buy their own underwear! LOL! Or learn to pick up after themselves. Pets are one of the best training tools people have to becoming better “pick up” artists. *eg*

  4. Amy, you answered that one so eloquently! LOL. Now that I know why my dog follows me, I might let him hang out sometimes! Thanks, Amy!

  5. Ah, I’m glad someone else asked this question! I’ve always wondered why our dog used to like sleeping in the dirty laundry basket!

    BTW…I love your sweater. Great color on you. 🙂

  6. Amy, thanks for the shout out AND the marvelous v-log! I haven’t got my titanium panties hitched up high enough for those yet. Maybe soon… Marvelous topic – every dog I’ve ever had loves socks and undies. 🙂

  7. My cat LOVES to roll on my underwear. I get undressed for a shower, toss clothes on the floor, and within seconds she appears, rolling in ecstasy all over them – like a full-on doggie scent roll but with purring.

  8. Getting ready to review Thundershirts for cats…Seren has her vet visit this month and they’re helpful for all kinds of stress. Stay tuned.

  9. Oh my gosh, I always wondered why Earl followed me into the bathroom. That’ so funny. He’s little but my daughter’s dog is big and she gets a little aggravated when Sonny follows her in there. I can’t wait to tell her why. Thanks Amy!

  10. We had really bad problems with Sammy. He would go for anything that my wife wore, and if it was that time of the month, Sammy would chew it to pieces. That used to drive my wife crazy. Rose, his pack mate never chewed anything, though if you left your coat on the couch, you could guarantee Rose would use it for a bed.

    Sam couldn’t be trusted near the bathroom. He was a grand champion at emptying out the small trash can, and scattering trash all over the house. He wouldn’t do it if anyone could see him. He knew he wasn’t supposed to. But the little sneak would do it the second your back was turned.

    After Sammy died, we got Kleopatra. Since both of our dogs are girls, they don’t show any interest in my wife’s underwear. But both Kleo and Rose love snuggling up on coats or sweaters if they get left on the furniture.

    Mornings are fun. I use a CPAP machine when I’m sleeping. Where the mask covers my face it sweats. When I take the mask off, Kleo comes crawling up to lick my face. This happens every day. Kleo is a sweet little puppy, but she can be really insistent where smells are concerned, like all Beagles.


    • Hi Wayne, Magical-Dawg still loves to “graze” out of waste baskets. At our house, having the trash containers atop counters is a fashion statement. 🙂

      • Hey, we bought a locking trash bin for the kitchen. It was the only way to keep the puppies out.

        They know they aren’t supposed to do it. When caught, they look so guilty it’s funny. But they keep going back for more 🙂



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