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Woof Wednesday: Dog Food Info & How To Stop Gassy Dogs

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2 pups eating

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks writing about pet food to help pet parents best choose what to put in the bowl. It’s up to owners to do research into what fits your furry wonder’s age and lifestyle. Do you know how many calories dogs need, for instance? The newest article answers questions about calories in dog food.

So I’ve provided a primer on how to read pet food labels. Bet you’ll learn some surprising things about what the label can tell you–and what it doesn’t say.

Do you know how they test the food? Animal testing, you betcha–and Magical-Dawg wants to come back as a food taste tester in their food trials. Read all about the testing here.

Pet food manufacturers can be creative when it comes to following the letter of the law and describing what’s in the food, too. Do you know what constitutes a GOOD food additive? Are there bad ones? Why would they even be in the food? Well, many of them are there not for the dog, but to get those of us with pocket books and thumbs to open the wallet and buy the food. Learn about pet food additives here.

Dogs aren’t the best decision makers, even if they had their own wallets. Heck, there’s a reason that at my house all the toilet lids stay CLOSED, and the waste baskets are set on countertops. Magical-Dawg eats just about anything. That, of course, can lead to (ahem) potent results. In fact, today’s Ask Amy video addresses that very issue.

How do you choose food for your dogs? Have they ever had aromatic emissions of the stinky kind? How did you handle that? Do tell!

I love hearing from you, so please share comments and questions. Do you have an ASK AMY question you’d like answered? Do you have a new kitten and need answers? Stay up to date on all the latest just subscribe the blog, “like” me on Facebook, listen to the weekly radio show, check out weekly FREE PUPPY CARE newsletter, and sign up for Pet Peeves newsletter with excerpts from the forthcoming THRILLER, LOST & FOUND, and pet book give-aways!

About amyshojai

Amy Shojai, CABC is a certified animal behavior consultant (dogs/cats), award winning author of 30+ pet care titles and thrillers, and spokesperson to the pet industry.

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  1. We’re using Beneful. Beastie Girl hasn’t tolerated other store brands or even the ‘high end’ stuff we tried from the vet. But I have to admit I haven’t actually sat down and read the label beyond the recommended amount for her weight.

    Had to laugh at your toilet seat and trash bins on the counters. I had a Lab once who got into everything. Thankfully, Beastie Girl isn’t inclined to.

    I would be curious on which veggies/fruits are dog friendly. If you’ve already written up a post, could you point me to it, thanks.

  2. I read every label and know exactly how many calories my dogs need. Not because I’m this amazing pet owner, but because our Aussie got too fat (78 pounds!). Since then we’ve reduced his calorie intake and upped his activity ~ Aussies are totally 10K dogs. They need a lot of exercise! Now he’s down to a respectable 63 pounds and the vet actually wants me to up his calorie intake a bit. He’s a big boy, so 66 is probably perfect for him. Funny thing about the Aussie, he’ll eat as much food as you give him, but not really anything else in the house. The Jack Russell? She’ll eat what she needs from her food, even leaving some leftover if she’s full. Anything else in the house? Oh, yeah. She’s all over that. We call her our shopper dog. She’ll go into the pantry and get food out of boxes. We’ve had to have her stomach pumped twice for eating chocolate (you would think she’d learn!). Dogs are awesome. I totally love mine even though they are wackydoodles.

    • Wackydoodles…I am so totally going to USE that! 🙂 My cat was always the grazing critter in the house until her arthritis kept her off the counters. She trained us to keep food put away. Magic has surprisingly good manners. But he does beg with eloquence…and lots of drool.

  3. I can hear Seren video-bombing in the background. LOL Did you forget to attend to Her Royal Highness fully before making your video? And by fully, of course, I mean hiring a full waitstaff for her. 😉

    No dog in this household yet (decided I want to wait for a fenced yard first unless I can find one who’s DEFINITELY going to be okay inside an apartment without fuss), but I can at least tell what our kitties eat. Simba was previously on Purina’s healthy weight formula, because, well… she’s a lazy fatty. LOL But when Anubis moved in, the ONLY food he’s ever eaten is Dad’s Gourmet, so it wasn’t long before I had to give up on Simba eating her diet food. The Dad’s smells a lot meatier, there’s a definite fatty oil content, so there was just no winning that battle. She just ignored her bowl and went to eat from his every day. Thankfully it’s also pretty cheap, and seems pretty okay for a kibble.

    Of course, I have recently mentioned that we’re adding a wee bit of soft food to their diet now since at least one of the two keeps getting bound up with furballs coming out the wrong end. For that, they seem to go for the Friskies pate style foods – I had tried to get Simba to eat wet food before and she usually leaves half of it in her bowl to rot. Not with this stuff. So that’s what they get.

    Now we’re just trying to find kitty vitamin supplements they will actually like. Fussed all over to find one with taurine (since I wondered if maybe Simba needed a bit more than the average kitty, given her vision seems to be going), checked ingredients to make sure nothing in it should make them turn their noses up, flavor they might like….. and of course they absolutely snub the stuff. James is talking about busting out the mortar and pestle, cleaning it up in case there’s anything non-kitty-safe on it, and grinding up their vitamin treats to hide in their soft food. LOL Breaking them into little pieces didn’t work – they ate around those. Maybe this will work. Otherwise, I may need some help finding kitty vitamins that kitties will actualy EAT. Just like kids, if it’s good for them, they decide it must be icky, I swear. Anubis won’t even eat his “happy tummy treats” (have some prebiotics/probiotics in them) now, even though he LOVED them on the first day we gave them to him.

    • LOL! Those kitties seem to KNOW how to eat around stuff we want them to eat. I’d be careful with vitamin supplements, though. When the food is “complete and balanced” then adding some extras can actually through the nutrition out of balance, unless you’re a nutritionist and know very precisely what to do (I’m not and I don’t!).

      • Ahh fair enough. Any ideas if there’s anything specific the oldsters SHOULD have any extra of? Part of my taurine fuss with Simba is she used to hunt and her vision didn’t really start to go until after she’d come to live inside and wasn’t munching down mice anymore, so I wonder if maybe she was getting more of it then. Nobody ever told her cats are supposed to be very adaptable to losing senses. LOL


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