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Hot, Blocked & Hacked! Oh rats…

5 week old rat

Nothing cute like this little guy. Nope, my virus protection software EXPIRED late last night apparently, with no warning. They’re supposed to send email reminders and that didn’t happen. So this morning I awoke to over 100 blocked message notices and nearly an equal number from concerned folks who received emails from my account with mysterious URLs. Even a couple of phone calls.

THANK YOU for letting me know (and yes, I do know about it so no need to send further messages).

If you got one DON’T OPEN IT! I haven’t a clue what they were but suspect if you click on ’em you’ll also get infected.

Luckily my laptop virus protection remained in effect and I quick-like-a-bunny renewed subscription on all my computers, with upgrade. And the software did find and remove malware crud so I should be find. However, I think the virus software (webroot) also did something that’s now blocking my wireless Internet on the PC. Dang, it’s always something!

Meanwhile, this last burst of summer heat has my roses blooming again, and me wilting–because the AC just went out. They say that crappiocca happens in threes. Hacked, hot and blocked–I got my quota!

Have you ever been hacked? What about virus attacks? I’ve lost important info before and have (I think!) done a good job at backing up material. Oh, and for any computer geniuses out there, can you tell me how to get rid of the “broadband connection dial-up” popup on my desktop computer–I have wireless, so what’s the deal???

If I can get my virtual ducks in a row–and rats evicted–I’ll post a Woof Wednesday blog later today. That sound you here is my teeth gnashing . . .

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Amy Shojai, CABC is a certified animal behavior consultant (dogs/cats), award winning author of 30+ pet care titles and thrillers, and spokesperson to the pet industry.

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  1. Yikes Amy! That is not something you want to wake up to. Glad you had your laptop and could quickly fix things.

    Our weather is cooling down ~ I actually have windows open today and the AC off! Maybe that’s on the horizon for you as well. I hope you don’t get any more bad juju. Like you said, they come in threes and you’ve had your fill.

    Here’s hoping for a fabulous rest of your week and an amazing weekend.

  2. Do you have a screenshot of the popup you’re talking about? I’m better at going by visuals.

    I’ve gotten a virus ONCE on my own computers. Like, ever. I use free software that auto-updates itself so I don’t have to worry about that expiration thing. Plus after the one virus I got some advice from a dude at Gamestop of all places, who found out I use Firefox as my web browser, and advised me to get the add-ons AdBlock Plus and NoScript. Since then I barely even get spyware come up on my scanners anymore.

    Some of the paid software that came with my parents’ computers got so bad for a while, mom was determined they have viruses that are just set to go off if you let their software expire, just to scare you into buying more. Some days I gotta wonder.

    As for the wireless being blocked on the PC, that’s part of what the one virus I got did – except it only blocked the ability to re-download the antivirus software it crippled. In that case I actually had to back up the important stuff and totally wipe the hard drive, ran the system restore disks and had to reinstall EVERYTHING. x.x;

    • I’ve been on hold in telephone hell for about 30 minutes now. Also sent an email to tech support. NOT how I wanted to spend the day. *sigh* Got the popup off, and upgraded my “drivers” and it says that Webroot is blocking the launch of the internet. Fun times.

      • Yeah it’s sounding a lot like the thing I had a while back. You may very well just have to wipe it and start over. 😦


        Hi Amy,

        This is Greg from the Webroot Support Team. I’m really sorry to hear that you are having difficulty with your internet access and I want to see if I can help. Please let me know which Webroot product and version you have installed. Please send an email to “” and I will do my best to get you back up and running.


        Greg Davis
        Webroot Support Team

        • Hi Greg, I wanted to publicly THANK YOU for reaching out to help. After much time spent on the phone with both Webroot Support Team and the tech guys at Verizon, I’m delighted to have the problem resolved.

          • Hi Amy,
            Thank you for the kudos 🙂 I’m very happy to hear that you are back up and running on the internet and that you are now protected by the Award Winning Webroot SecureAnywhere. Stay safe out there on the internet and have a Great Day !

            Greg Davis
            Webroot Support Team

  3. Never had any problems, at least not since I stopped using Windows. I run a mix of Mac OS X and Linux, and both are far harder to hack than Windows is.


  4. Update: The desktop is still marooned without an Internet paddle. Verizon (after a marathon phone session) has been no help. Webroot, on the other paw, actually reached out to me via this blog–yes, color me impressed. I’ll be even more impressed and mollified if/when the situation is resolved.

    If my office wasn’t 90+ degrees at 9:30 pm and if I hadn’t sweltered for 9+ hours today to no avail, I’d still be up there. But had to take a break and cool down (literally and figuratively).

    So tomorrow will gear up for more attempts to fix. Stay tuned, will report back what happens. I’m hopeful.

  5. What a bummer! So glad that you got everything squared away. I use Kapersky and they’re great. I use Sucuri to monitor my site for malware. It’s amazing what we have to do!


    • I’ve flagged the renewal on my calendars just in case the notice doesn’t happen again. Glad to have caught it early. Yep, it’s really tragic how we have to protect ourselves from such things.


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