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Name Game–What Dogs Call You?

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Magic11wks, closeup crate&toys

Magic at 11 weeks stock-piling toss-able toys.

It’s Woof Wednesday and I’m busier than a three-legged doggy in a flea circus, wow. Yesterday afternoon I finally got my copies of the thriller and have been discussing the story, writing process and more on the DogRead list (you’re still invited!). Something fun that’s developed has been folks “channeling their inner dog” to guess what their pet is thinking.

You see, in my book LOST AND FOUND, the service dog Shadow calls his trainer the “treat-lady.” So other list members began to speculate what their dogs actually think and how they refer to us. One person said her dog probably thought of her as “Mom,” while somebody else said their dog thought of them as, “that person who SHOULD be in the kitchen getting me food.”

From his behavior, I suspect Magic doesn’t think of me as Mom, or Amy or even Treat Lady. He thinks of me as, “she who tosses toys.”

Even as a baby dog, Magic was head-over-furry-heels in love with fetching. He will fetch ANYTHING. Socks, stuffed toys, balls, Frisbee. And I’ve never known him to be the one to call quits on the game. If he could throw the toy himself, he would–but since he can’t, he relies on his human housemates (the ones with opposing thumbs) to do the honor. He’ll bring ANYTHING to me, drop on my foot/lap/side of the chair, and then STARE…as if to say, “Make it GO, get with the program, do your JOB already!” And if I decline, he gets disgusted and eventually picks up the motionless toy and dumps it in my husband’s lap and repeats the process.

Okay, your turn. How does your pet think of you? She who fills the bowl? He who scratches tummies? Please share and don’t forget to say WHY your pet thinks this way!

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Amy Shojai, CABC is a certified animal behavior consultant (dogs/cats), award winning author of 30+ pet care titles and thrillers, and spokesperson to the pet industry.

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  1. I have two little four pound yorkies with completely different personalities. I’m pretty sure my snobby Little Miss Pixie Styx would call me “She who hides scissors.” She has the worst coat in the world. It mats badly. I hide scissors because if I say “cut”, “scissors”, “haircut”, “mat”, or “bath”, she runs and hides. And then I have Mr. Mojo who loves me unconditionally and wouldn’t think of hiding from me. He probably calls me “Best Snuggle Mama Ever.”

  2. Shannon Esposito

    Yeah, I’d be cuddle-lady or go-for-a-walk-lady. They go to the boys for playtime but come to me for snuggles and walks.

    • Shannon, that happens at my house, too. Magic knows he can ALWAYS get a snack from my husband’s plate so he goes to him first. *s* They figure out exactly who to “ask” for specifics, don’t they?

  3. For our black lab, Jade, it’s probably Feels So Good When She Rubs My Head and Ears and Feeds Me Treats. Rubs My Head for short. Belle Amie, our feist, probably calls me Keeps Me Warm and Buys Me The Cutest Little Outfits And Feeds Me Chewz and Peanut Butter Treats. That shortens to Keeps Me Warm. Lol.

  4. I’ve known for ages what my dogs call me. I am their “Person”. Just as they are my dogs.. or my puppies if I’m feeling affectionate. They depend on me for everything. I do my best to meet their expectations!

    Crystal with
    The Dixie Pixies: (Trixie, Betsy & Honey Bunch)

  5. jackiebouchard

    We always say that our dog calls us The Feeders. “The Feeders are home! The Feeders are home!”

  6. For Anubis, James would be the “One True Daddy, Giver of All Things and Bestest Person Ever”. But then, as soon as his family got that cat, what was one a teeny runt kitten claimed James right off the bat. Plus, he was the only person in the house who really understood Mr Fuzzball. He goes totally ballistic if James is gone too long.

    I suspect to him I’d be “that other lady who sometimes gives me food and snuggles and stuff”. LOL Because all other beings are lesser than Daddy.

    To Simba, I’m not really sure if we’re “mom and dad” so much as “hey you with the face, come pet me!” She doesn’t just wait for pets, she DEMANDS them. LOL As soon as you sit on the couch, she’s right there headbutting you.

  7. I don’t have a dog myself, but I do have a GrandPuppy named Abby. She calls me SheWhoObeysMyEveryWish.

  8. Sometimes I’m pretty sure my chickens think of me as Litter Box.


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