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Feline Friday: Claws & Effect?

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 Seren's Blue Bed

That’s Seren-kitty, my feline furry muse. She’s very serious about nap time. Like most cats, she sleeps two-thirds of her life away. That’s sixteen hours or more each day, and is more than any other mammal, except for the opossum and some bats.

I am soooooooooo jealous!

These days I can’t seem to find enough hours in the day. Sleeping almost seems a luxury. You’d think that since I work for myself, I could take time off now and then and take a “power nap.” I used to. But my boss always knows when I’m goofing off and can be a real bitch when deadlines loom.  FWIW, in my world, being a “bitch” is a very good thing.

Seren has decided that the printer is prime kitty real estate, and sleeps there at every opportunity. That means, when I need to print, I must warn the dear lil’ thang, or risk having cat levitation launch her toward the ceiling fan. When she was younger, Seren used to stalk the fax machine and ambush paper as it emerged. Now at 13 years young, instead of biting to paw-tograph the work she settles for poofs of fur flying with each printed page. And then taunts me with each purring snore.

seren in printer

Why do cats sleep so much? Several issues are involved. Predators that have few natural enemies can afford to sleep for longer periods of time. Also, the need for sleep increases in direct proportion to the amount of energy required. Being a predator, the cat has extraordinary energy needs for hunting, but usually uses enormous bursts of energy to stalk, pounce, and wrestle that toy mouse or fax into submission.

How much energy does it take to type at a computer screen all day? Do FaceBook updates burn calories? Will twittering replace exercise? I gotta say, my fingers are svelt and well-toned. The Magical-Dawg takes care of keeping my ass-ets in shape, running after him.

Just wish the fur-kids were more help organizing my work day. They do tell me when the food bowl is lonely, and walk across the keyboard if I do the zombie-stare-of-death for too long. What about you? Do your fur-kids make you stick to a schedule? Will they let you sleep late on weekends and howl-idays?

What effect do your kitties’ c’attitudes have on your schedule? And am I the only one still awake and working???

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