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Thoughty Thursday: Patterson Sells 26 More Books

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My paw calls "dibs" on the toy.

"It's mine, ALL MINE!"

The Email newsletter Publisher’s Lunch reports industry news including highlights about books sold. On Tuesday, this notice was included:

#1 NYT bestselling author James Patterson’s next 26 books, including 4 new series for young readers, with 13 titles each for Michael Pietsch at Little, Brown, and Megan Tingley at Little, Brown Children’s, for publication through the end of 2014, by Robert Barnett at Williams & Connolly.

I mean–REALLY?

Do publishers even know what publishing will be like in 2014? And what happens if (God forbid!) Mr. Patterson gets kidnapped and held for ransom by a down-and-out wannabe sci-fi author who suctions out his brain-matter and auctions Mr. Patterson’s shelf space to ghost writers of celebrity instant-books paid by the word (with a nice “bump” for extra syllables) but Google Panda disrupts the brand-search when spell-check freezes the software and the whole schmear collapses and . . . traditional publishing goes down the toilet?

What if?

I’m jess all a-tingle over the wondrous writer-icity of this announcement. It’s sorta like the AKC or Westminster and CFA announcing the next 26 Best-In-Show dogs and cats, without any chance of a BOS or HORRORS! a Premiership. Oh, and those of y’all not in the show world can google those terms for your furry insider’s terms.

So what do YOU think? What does this say about the future plans of traditional publishing? Where does that leave you as a writer? Can you hear the ringing of the nails hammered into that publishing coffin or can the undead arise, ARISE and take matters into their furry fists?

Just askin’ cuz…I mean–REALLY?

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Woof Wednesday: Scottish Deerhound Winds Westminster

Did you watch the dog show last night? C’mon, I don’t have to tell you WHAT dog show, do I?

The 135th Westminster Kennel Club in New York last night showcased spectacular breeds.  The group winners were outstanding this year: Scottish Deerhound (Hound Group), Pekingese (Toy Group), Chinese Shar-Pei (Non-sporting Group), Bearded Collie (Herding Group), Black Cocker Spaniel (Sporting Group), Portuguese Water Dog (Working Group), and Smooth Fox Terrier (Terrier Group).  I’ve got to admit, I was smitten by the Beardie, just the gay face and flying fur as “Mister Baggins” ran the ring made quite an impression. And the Cocker was from Dallas—so I had to throw some support that direction. A terrier won last year (Scottie), and somehow I thought probably the Peke would take the day. 

Knock me over, I was THRILLED to see a first-time-ever Best of Show win for five-year-old Scottish Deerhound girl, “Hickory!”  Her official name, GCH Foxcliffe Hickory Wind, and this was to be her retirement show. Guess what? She’ll be on a whirlwind press tour in the coming days and weeks. Check out pictures at the Paw Nation site.

Here’s the group judging of the Scottish Deerhound—the winner is the handler with the blond pony tail, armband #19. Check for the video of the Best In Show from last night to get a replay of all the glorious dogs and the judging.  I’d encourage you to attend a dog show at some point, just for the wonderful experience of meeting the gorgeous dogs and passionate people.

But of course, the real “best of the best” winner is sitting in your living room or playing Frisbee with the kids in the back yard on weekends. You simply can’t beat the “pet connection” with a special canine companion! (The Magical-Dawg made me write that…but then, I’m already a believer!). If you doubt me, just take a look at this fun video.

Woofs & wags,