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Monday Mentions: Frog Mouth Links & More!

Feeeeeeeeeed Meeeeeeee! (Tawny Frog Mouth courtesy of Rayya-the-Vet)

Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo links and blogs and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. This past weekend I’ve managed to finish four new puppy articles, edit/upload six new Ask Amy videos for future blogs, and edit several more fiction chapters. Whew!

I’m trying to get a weeeeee bit caught up or even ahead of the game. November will be busy, as I’m sure it is for many folks, with Thanksgiving around the corner. I’m also prepping for the Cat Writers’ Association annual conference week after next, and will present the Shojai Mentor Award at the banquet. The night before, though, I partner with Susan Logan, editor of Cat Fancy Magazine, as the entertainment for the event. Yes, we’ll be caterwauling, yodeling, or otherwise meowing our way through a few kitty tunes. I understand there will be video (yikes!) so I’ll do my best not to embarrass the fur-kids.

Lots of fun links today, in no particular order. Except that photo (above) I just had to swipe share from a very kewl blog. Tawny Frog Mouth from Rayya the Vet’s wonderful blog, you must check out the VIDEO of this hungry baby–priceless!

Justice for Feral Cats? Zoo employee convicted of trying to poison stray kitties, yikes!

Lisa-Maria Padilla kitty Halloween pictures–FANTASTIC! You will smile, and your cats will say, “Whew–thank the cat-gods that’s not me!”

Jessica O’Neal “The Sexy Little Nerd” blog demonstrates the spirit of the best of blog-icity with her Paying It Forward post. Love the design, too–oh, and she’s got a JRT! Well worth checking out her blog!

Lessons My Cats Taught Me is a lovely tribute from one of the bloggers at Writers In the Storm–tissue alert!

Planet Dog, one of my fav sources for doggy toys, is celebrating 10 years of giving–and they’ve got a WRITING CONTEST, check it out! Your pooch is sure to provide inspiration.

Holiday E-Cards from the Awesome Morris Animal Foundation

Gene Lempp’s Zoo Arcane blog on Evil Little People, sure to give writers inspiration for fantastical plotting and bad guys. The pictures alone are worth the peek.

Rules for FaceBook–to avoid HISSING off your so-called friends. Read it. I mean now. I’ll wait.

Writer Loses $$ with Self-Pub’ing–but honestly, you gotta read the contracts, folks. Sure it’s a shame but it appears this author sorta-kinda-in-a-way invited the angst.

Dan Poynter’s ParaPromotion, from the ultimate self-pub’ing guru.

Vocabulary Quiz–all you writers out there, what’s YOUR score? (mine was 3420)

My friend and colleague, brilliant writer Dr. Deb Eldredge, recently had some heartbreaking challenges in her doggy family–but the new kid–named Babe–is sure to put smiles on faces. She gave me permission to share the new pup’s first encounter with that (gasp!) other puppy in the mirror. Enjoy!


This month as a special “thank you” to all my furry-fantastic-followers, I’ll give away a paw-tographed copy of Complete Care for Your Aging Cat and Complete Care for Your Aging Dog. To get in the running, simply post a comment in the blog about your special pet (old fogey or not) and I’ll draw two names at the end of the month. You can use these award-winning updated books as a resource for yourself or wrap up for a pet-friendly holiday gift to a fur-loving friend. And as an EXTRA-special incentive–and to encourage all of y’all to mentor each other and spread the blogging/twitter/Facebook love–the two winners get to name one purr-son who gives them wags of support and deserves a book, too!

#AskAmy Sweet Tweets

Folks who “follow” me on Twitter are the most awesome Sweet Tweets around–they love #cats and #dogs and #pets, many #amwriting. We’ve become a great community including those in the #MyWANA social network twibe hosted by the awesome @KristenLambTX.  So I’m stealing borrowing Kristen’s methods and creating my own hashtag. Just follow and include the #AskAmy in your tweets if’n you’re interested in pithy links to articles, books, blogs, experts, fictioning and sparkle-icity!

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Woof Wednesday: Social Media, Pee-Mail & Doggy Wishes

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Cosmo Rules at Barkworld Expo!

Today it’s all about social media–you’re reading a blog that’s also linked to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and all of my inner demons (bwaaa-hahahaha!). I’ve mentioned before that Kristen Lamb’s blog and email course on social media kicked my blogging ass-ets into gear, and my friend and marketing maven Margie Morris urged me to share sparkle-icity via video (as in yesterday’s blog).

So is it any wonder the DAWGS want in on the action? They’re social butterflies anyway, and now they’ve graduated from Pee-Mail to Barkworld, their own social media conference.  More than 40 percent of US households share their lives, popcorn and beds with a furry wonder. We oooooh and awwwwww over cute-and-fuzzy pictures and share doggy stories with each other. At the end of September, dog lovers will learn better how to stay socially connected and keep the virtual fur flying in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Magic-Mobile is ready to roll...

Magical-dawg wants to go–but I think he’s more interested in a road trip than a paw-top computer connection. Besides, the cat won’t let him get near the desktop. I’ve been spending lots of time in my office preparing for a major hush-hush(puppy) project and upcoming speaking engagements, so he’s feeling a bit put upon.

Do your dogs like the car or does it send them howling in horror? My first dog cried and trembled the entire time. I think Magic would drive if he had opposable thumbs able to insert the key in the ignition. Do you take yours with you on vacation, or leave ’em behind? By the way, if’n you’re traveling with pets during April, Red Roof Inn has a 15 percent off special.

Just for fun, wanted to share this video of dogs having a ball doing all sorts of doggy things, courtesy of Critter Concepts and benefiting Make A Wish Foundation. And also just for fun–if your dog could have his/her wish, what would it be? (I think Magic would vote for thumbs…)

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