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Howl-iday Travel with Dogs

I just got word from my delightful Red Room colleague Gina Misiroglu  that Paw-Nation posted my latest article, Helping Dog Relatives Get Along. Gina put me in touch with the fine folks at AOL as one way to bring more attention and traffic to Red Room authors.

Are pet holiday visits in your travel plans? Family gatherings are a big part of the holidays, and pets double the fun — and the stress. Cats hate strange environments, so a pet sitter is the best choice for kitty. (Check out tomorrow’s Feline Friday blog for more cat-specific travel tips.)

Dogs, however, love new places, but when your King meets Grandma’s Sheba for the first time, how do you keep the fur from flying? Check out the rest of the AOL Paw-Nation story with eight tips to keep pets happy and safe — and help you stay on speaking terms with your relatives.

I hope you’ll send the Paw Nation article link to friends and relatives with pets, too. This blog ‘preaches to the choir’ of pet-savvy dog and cat lovers but you may need to offer gentle reminders to less informed folks.

By the way, I would love to hear back from readers about what pet-centric topics are at the top of your list. Please comment on the blog (you’ll need to register first).

May all your holiday travels–and visits–be joyful and lovely!