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Monday Mentions: Cancer Support, Disaster Help & Furry Professional Ops

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Please take me home!

I’ve saved up lots of great info to share in today’s Monday Mentions. First, I had to share some of the puppy-licious pictures from this weekend’s adoption event. The babies mostly slept but finally woke up for some yappy-happy playtime. If you have a dog intent on breaking the bark-a-thon record, the latest tips for curbing barks may help.

Older dogs benefit from a terrific promotion hosted by Morris Animal Foundation on Sunday, September 18, for a K9 Cancer Walk at the Cove at Concord Park in Knoxville. The event will benefit the Foundation’s Canine Cancer Campaign, an initiative to fund research to prevent, treat and, ultimately, cure cancer in dogs. An estimated 50 percent of all dogs will battle cancer. All dog lovers are invited to attend and are encouraged to walk to celebrate the life of their canine best friend or walk in memory of dogs that have lost their battle with canine cancer.

Last week I talked about disaster pet preparation tips on the blog. The ASPCA has worked closely with the Joplin Humane Society and the last I heard, nearly 850 animals have since been rescued__with more than 200 beloved pets being reunited with their families. Here’s one story of a kitty and owner reunion!  Now the recent fires have displaced more families–and animals. Check out this video…and help if you can:

Some might be curious about those initials after my name, C.A.B.C.–that stands for Certified Animal Behavior Consultant (dogs and cats). I’m a professional member of IAABC. This professional membership organization promotes Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA) principles in work with companion cats, dogs, parrots, horses and working animals.

In honor of Cat Adoption month in the U.S, the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants have a “special deal” for Cat Division applicants. The application fee has been waived for all new members (to all divisions) throughout the month of June–YEEE-HAW!!! President Marjie Alonso writes, “Cats are currently the most popular pet in the United States and  it’s imperative that we support and educate regarding growing need  for feline behavioral assistance and services to help cat owners.  Learn more about joining IAABC here.


Adopt a new friend, don't wait!

This past weekend I attended a puppy and kitten adoption and am pleased to say several fur-kids found new forever homes. But there are always so many more waiting . . . and after all, there’s still several days left in Adopt A Cat Month.

CATalyst Council is working with American Humane Association, American Veterinary Medical Association, and to make this June the most successful Adopt A Cat Month® ever! Check out the official website here. Better yet, visit your local shelter this month to take home a new feline friend! Oh, and check out the fantastic how-to video on kitty carrier training at the end of the blog, courtesy of Catalyst Council folks.

Can’t adopt right now? No problem. Consider fostering. Everyone wants to help critters–well, those who read this blog do anyway! But it comes at a cost. Good news! Did you know that your expenses of caring for “foster animals” may be tax deductible?

Unable to foster? One of my fav organizations Alley Cat Rescue offers a brilliant alternative. You can have a virtual adoption and sponsor an ACR office cat or special needs kitty.

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Monday Mentions: Evil vs Bliss

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I want to go back to that time of innocence, when we felt secure and didn’t sleep with an ear cocked or watchful eyes scanning for danger. When shoes were shoes and not potential weapons. When profiling was the artist’s way of rendering a painting. But we’ll never go back, whether revenge is satisfied or not. But we can go forward.

It’s raining buckets in N. Texas today, and started yesterday morning with horizontal winds that blew down power lines, tree limbs, and even church steeples. After the late night news, it’s almost as if the sky weeps for a world that feels the need to celebrate the death of one evil man who caused such anguish to so many. That’s an added horror for me. And I pray that never again will such an act give our nation the justification to seek and then celebrate a man’s death–however justified.

Persian kittens on chair

This coming weekend I’ll be at the OWFI Conference offering sessions on media training for authors, and a how-to course on Ebooks. April is the one-year anniversary of my journey into Kindle-ization with my backlist and a lot has happened since then! Watch the blog, cuz I want to share my successes and challenges–learn from my mistakes. I’ll share a whole series of blogs on Ebooks and Kindle-ization, with lots of great links for how to do it, and ways to market and promote your self-pub’d Ebooks.

One of last week’s posts ask readers, what’s your bliss? Several readers responded either in comments section or privately about wanting to become involved in an animal-related carreer, or writing. Those certainly brought me my bliss! So today’s Monday Mentions offer some resources as a jumping off spot, and also celebrates a few folks who not only found their bliss but have helped others do the same. Enjoy!

Diana L Guerrero (Ark Lady) offers animal career counseling–and has a terrific newsletter and blog that covers animal training, animal careers and animal behavior. She’s also a terrific lady!

Careers with Dogs: The Comprehensive Guide to Finding Your Dream Job  is a terrific guide by Kim Thornton, an award winning columnist for MSNBC and author of many pet care titles. Kim’s one of the best pet journalists out there, and is a past president of the Cat Writers’ Association.

Cat Writers’ Association is a professional organization of folks with a special interest in cats. Members are writers, authors, broadcasters, artists, photographers–you name it. CWA holds an annual writers conference open to the public and aspiring writers, which this year will be the weekend before Thanksgiving in White Plains, New York.

REAL MEN CARE–Promoting compassion by honoring four men who made a big difference in animal lives this past year–if’ you’re in the DFW area, please check it out!

The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants offers Continuing Education courses on everything from dog aggression and cat handling to pet first aid courses and how giraffes (or other animals) learn.

“Catch the Wave” of outstanding training sessions at the 2011 Association of Pet Dog Trainers Educational Conference and Trade Show. Speakers include some of the top names in the dog training industry.

I love hearing from you, so please share comments and questions–and to stay up to date on all the latest just subscribe the blog, “like” me on Facebook, listen to the weekly radio show, and sign up for Pet Peeves newsletter with pet book give-aways!