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Monday Mentions: Pets, Vets & Furry Writer-icity

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Frankie in the Sun

Frankie in the sun . . .

Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo links and blogs and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. So I had to share these lovely pictures taken by photographer Jamie Clugston  posted them in my Flickr Kitty Publishing group. There’s also a  Puppy Publishing group on Flicker. A number of these great pictures will also get posted over at the Puppies site but of course you can post ‘em directly there with details about your baby dog’s gotcha day and more. Check out the links, below, and please don’t be shy about sending me your own links or suggestions for others to highlight. First out of the cat-bag today are–CATS!



During Take Your Cat to the Vet Week, we remind cat parents to take their cats to the vet for preventative care. Even though pet cats outnumber dogs in the U.S. by 15 million, cats go to the vet only half as often as dogs. But cats need preventive care just as much as dogs, and regular vet checkups can help you catch health issues before they become major illnesses that are painful for your cat and more difficult (and expensive) to treat. Check out Jane Harrell’s terrific blog with lots of great information all week long at

Cats get the short end of the health care stick. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association and the CATalyst Council, cats visit the vet much less frequently than dogs. It’s not that felines are healthier (although cats do hide illness better) but many cats hate the vet so much their owners find it easier to just skip it. But even healthy cats need well exams once or twice a year. Last week’s Feline Friday Heart-to-Heart about heartworms points out one devastating result of overlooked health care.

Why do cats hate the vet? Cats are adept at protecting themselves from stranger danger. What’s familiar is safe, while anything new or different raises kitty suspicions. A vet visit delivers a triple whammy by changing the cat’s routine, environment and exposure to strangers. Here are seven reasons cats hate the vet and how you can ease the angst.

Lily As A Puppy

Lily as a puppy--SQUEEEEE! by Brenda Hawk in Puppy Publishing


Neat story about a rescue dog from Mexico–check out The Flying Nun from DJones Blog

AMERICAN HUMANE’S HERO DOGS AWARDS Finalists have been named! Take a peek and be inspired by these canine furry wonders–and add your vote to help choose the winner.

Fido & Friend & Five Bobbie Pyron shares recommended books filled with furry inspiration.


Terry Odell writes romance with a twist of mystery–and her blog today features BLOODHOUNDS! This is great info for writers wanting to include some furry facts.

THINKING BURNS CALORIES according to Joy Held’s Writer Wellness blog.  I need all the healthy help I can get–so I’m loving the fact that angsting over a plot twist gives me an extra boost.

Kristen Lamb’s latest Deadly Sins of Writing blog on POV PROSTITUTION is a must-read for aspiring and established authors.

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