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Monday Mentions: Pets, Vets & Furry Writer-icity

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Frankie in the Sun

Frankie in the sun . . .

Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo links and blogs and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. So I had to share these lovely pictures taken by photographer Jamie Clugston  posted them in my Flickr Kitty Publishing group. There’s also a  Puppy Publishing group on Flicker. A number of these great pictures will also get posted over at the Puppies site but of course you can post ‘em directly there with details about your baby dog’s gotcha day and more. Check out the links, below, and please don’t be shy about sending me your own links or suggestions for others to highlight. First out of the cat-bag today are–CATS!



During Take Your Cat to the Vet Week, we remind cat parents to take their cats to the vet for preventative care. Even though pet cats outnumber dogs in the U.S. by 15 million, cats go to the vet only half as often as dogs. But cats need preventive care just as much as dogs, and regular vet checkups can help you catch health issues before they become major illnesses that are painful for your cat and more difficult (and expensive) to treat. Check out Jane Harrell’s terrific blog with lots of great information all week long at

Cats get the short end of the health care stick. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association and the CATalyst Council, cats visit the vet much less frequently than dogs. It’s not that felines are healthier (although cats do hide illness better) but many cats hate the vet so much their owners find it easier to just skip it. But even healthy cats need well exams once or twice a year. Last week’s Feline Friday Heart-to-Heart about heartworms points out one devastating result of overlooked health care.

Why do cats hate the vet? Cats are adept at protecting themselves from stranger danger. What’s familiar is safe, while anything new or different raises kitty suspicions. A vet visit delivers a triple whammy by changing the cat’s routine, environment and exposure to strangers. Here are seven reasons cats hate the vet and how you can ease the angst.

Lily As A Puppy

Lily as a puppy--SQUEEEEE! by Brenda Hawk in Puppy Publishing


Neat story about a rescue dog from Mexico–check out The Flying Nun from DJones Blog

AMERICAN HUMANE’S HERO DOGS AWARDS Finalists have been named! Take a peek and be inspired by these canine furry wonders–and add your vote to help choose the winner.

Fido & Friend & Five Bobbie Pyron shares recommended books filled with furry inspiration.


Terry Odell writes romance with a twist of mystery–and her blog today features BLOODHOUNDS! This is great info for writers wanting to include some furry facts.

THINKING BURNS CALORIES according to Joy Held’s Writer Wellness blog.  I need all the healthy help I can get–so I’m loving the fact that angsting over a plot twist gives me an extra boost.

Kristen Lamb’s latest Deadly Sins of Writing blog on POV PROSTITUTION is a must-read for aspiring and established authors.

I love hearing from you, so please share comments and questions. Do you have an ASK AMY question you’d like answered? I’m nearly ready to record a bunch of new ones, so be sure to get your requests in the comments. Stay up to date on all the latest just subscribe the blog, “like” me on Facebook, listen to the weekly radio show, check out weekly FREE PUPPY CARE newsletter, and sign up for Pet Peeves newsletter with pet book give-aways!

Monday Mentions: Heike Update and Furry Muses

Lucy inspires Allie, a cat writer (see below).

It occurred to me over the past week how very connected we are—be it through our writing, our mutual love of pets, or other issues. These connections can be intentional or accidental, but all have benefits. I’ll be posting “shout outs” to friends, colleagues, and worthy folks from time to time in a Monday Mentions blog. First, an update on my Egypt friend.  

After a couple days’ silence, I’d been worried so her Saturday not was a relief! Heike said the German Embassy advised its citizens to leave Alexandria and Cairo, so she’d traveled to Germany with a group of German journalists. 

”It looks like things are calming down. And the government confirmed safety of journalist,” she wrote. “But better wait and see. Cannot wait to go back home to cairo. Thanks for keeping cwa friends posted.” 

(My reply) Will update all. Soon you can do that yourself. 

“I look forward to freedom and new chances for the young people. You know, after all these years I feel so close to the people and to some extent I am ”egyptianized.”  I am very proud of the peaceful protesters and many of the old people admire them. I condemn the cruel clashes. But also I found a wonderful spirit among the people.  Much care and helpfulness, much warmth. 

“This is the second time in my life to be in such political crisis. First timewas when I lived in india and rajiv Gandhi was killed, Punjab + Kashmir were fighting for independence. Curfews, bomb attacks, lots of things. But people in Egypt are cooperating much better than what I saw in india. One reason my family is worried.” 

Today I received a further update: 

“A new word in our dictionary *s* Mubarak (v.): To stick something. Example: I will Mubarak you to the wall. People have begun to joke again. A little light at the end of the tunnel.” 

LOL! Very encouraging. Folks wonder about your pets, and the animals. Did you get them out? A friend caring for them? 

“Cats in my home, neighbor looking after them. Dog in my friend’s kennel. She’s very capable.” 

Oh good. How are you? Will you (or anyone) have a job again anytime soon? “No, my company will close, so I lose my employed job. But I already have another offer. Plus I have my own company. So not too serious for me. But for others critical.”

What’s your company…I can give a shout out. 

“Worddesign. And H+A which is a local insurance brokerage and dealer of second hand machinery.”

 Good deal. Are you staying w-friends in Germany? Or family? 


She must be so relieved! 

“Sure! But if things remain calm,I will go home next Saturday.” 

Prayers it will happen! 


Those who have followed this blog know that Heike is a cat lover and member of Cat Writers Association. Yes, there are professional writers who focus on works about animals. I sent a request to writers to hear back about how “furry muses” inspire their work, and heard back from cat writer and author Allie Phillips

Current furry muse: “Lucy (12-yr-old Black Bombay) who sits with me in my office as I write my books, work on my website, or YouCanDoMoreForAnimals blog. Either she sits on my lap or sits on her cat perch that is 2 feet from my desk. She sends me inspired looks with her green eyes! I also have 12-year-old Tuxedo cat named Oscar, who is more dog than cat and he brings me toys and drops them at my fee when I am writing. Sammy, a 13-yr-old flame point Siamese, says Monroe when he meows. He belts out a Monroe when I have been writing too long and need a break. All adopted from an animal control in Michigan.” Allie just finished writing her latest book, “Defending the Defenseless: A Guide to Protecting and Advocating for Pets” which is in editing with Rowman & Littlefield Publishing and is due out late summer.

 But many writers share their lives with a furry muse or two, even if they don’t write directly about animals.  Joy Held shares her life with three cats, and says she’s very familiar with what the term “elevator butt” describes. That’s not surprising since her work focuses on writer wellness, and we all know how good for our health companion kitties and doggies can be. Her latest book is Writer Wellness, A Writer’s Path to Health and Creativity.  

Kristen Lamb writes a killer Warrior Writers blog several times a week. A fellow Texan dealing with recent snowy weather, says, “Right now I have a mini pin who refuses to go out and pee because he is afraid of the snow, and a cat who hunts Scrunchees all day (which she tosses in the middle of my bed and howls like she’s dying until I come make a big deal out of it). Who is the owner again?” Kristen is the author of We Are Not Alone: The Writers Guide to Social Media and I can’t recommend it highly enough. 

Bob Mayer, best-selling thriller writer, shares his life with two Labradors who literally keep him running to keep up. Otherwise I suspect he’d be stuck at his desk all the time, between his WriteItForward blog (which is an EXCELLENT resource for writers, by the way), current fiction projects, and work with which publishes great how-to books on writing (plus a few of my pet books *s*). 

Are you a writer with a furry muse? Drop me a line about how your pets inspire your work, for a future Monday Mentions column.

Purrs & Wags,