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Feline Friday: Litter Box Problems, Dental Health and Cat Colors

Teach kittens proper litter-ary manners from the beginning.

Happy Feline Friday, and fair warning—today’s topics really stink. Probably no other behavior problem raises an owner’s blood pressure like common litter box problems. We often assume kitty knows what to do, and take great offense when they get creative outside the box. Recently I’ve received a couple of reader questions asking about kitty covering behavior.

Covering poop is a normal cat behavior, right? Not necessarily. Feral cats rarely bury feces, and often leave waste on grassy tussocks that elevate and make it even more prominent. They may cover waste if nearer to home and young kittens. Ferals in managed colonies may be more fastidious. Learn more in this article about why, when and where cats cover poop.

Do you brush your cat’s teeth? Certainly, the kitty won’t do it! Maybe Fluffy’s tuna-breath rivals rotten eggs. Bad breath makes us keep pets at arms’ length, and when the stink-meter goes up, it’s more than a social faux paws. Join Pet Peeves radio show to learn the hidden dangers of dental problems, some shocking statistics about YOUR pets, and cat-egorically (and dog-gone) amazing medical treatments. February is National pet Dental Health Care Month, and Dr. Brett Beckman, the president of the American Veterinary Dental Society, helps us learn how to clean up our furry act, and keep those teeth pristine and breath fresh in this Pet Peeves radio show.

Had enough of smelly stuff? Here’s a fresh look—at kitty coat color. A cat’s crowning glory offers more than stunning good lucks. Some experts believe you can predict kitty personality based on coat color! There’s no doubt your special feline friend has a personality unique to her alone. But are there behavior differences between a black cat and an orange kitty? Genetics influences the color, pattern, and length of kitty’s crowning glory. So it follows that the same genes that create coat variations might influence other things as well. This fun article explains how—or if—your cat’s coat color can predict his c’attitudes.

Purrs and trills,