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Monday Mentions & National Dog Bite Prevention Week

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Can we have 'em?
Young boys get bit most often!

Today, many of us look on our dogs as part of the family–even go so far as to call ‘em our “babies.” But what happens when a human infant enters the picture? Dogs bite nearly 5 million people a year–most of ‘em kids–and some new parents play it safe and simply get rid of the dog. Others who adore Fluffy couldn’t think of getting rid of their beloved pet.

Who’s right? Who’s wrong? And what about the dog’s feelings? When he throws a tantrum (or worse), and the parents-in-law lobby for a solution, what’s a dog lover to do? Check out my Pet Peeves radio interview with Jennifer Shyrock to teach your kids how to be Doggone Safe.

The American Veterinary Medical Association, the United States Postal Service and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have joined forces to sponsor National Dog Bite Prevention Week May 15-21, 2011. In fact, half of all children in the US experience a dog bite by age 12, with 5 to 9 year olds and boys at significantly higher risk.

The CDC reports that of those injured, 386,000 require treatment in an emergency department and about a dozen die. Most bites result from inappropriate interaction with the family pet, with a neighbor’s or a friend’s dog. But you can EASILY prevent dog bites with these 9 tips.

Learning about doggy communication can safe lots of angst–not to mention medical bills and insurance costs. Most of these injuries can be prevented with responsible pet ownership. Those who read this blog recall that I served as an expert witness in a tragic dog attack incident–that did NOT have to happen!

All dogs bite and chew, but it’s important to teach bite inhibition and stop puppy biting before it gets out of hand. What’s baby-cute or aggravating in your new pup becomes dangerous once he grows up. Needle-sharp puppy teeth easily rip clothing and tear flesh, but an adult dog’s jaws also can break bones or worse. Even friendly dogs cause terrible injury if not taught how to pull their punches. One accidental bite could label your puppy as a “dangerous dog” and result in an expensive lawsuit, increased insurance rates, and costly medical bills. Here’s how to teach bite inhibition –it not only protects people and prevents heartbreak, it could save your puppy’s life.

Okay, switching gears–There’s a fun mix of Monday Mentions below.

Kibble Blog by Terry Spencer, DVM offers a great take on “Just Looking” as it relates to pet health

Tea Time At The Zoo Blog Confessions of An Animal Addict offers an eye opening post on bathing snails.

Dear Labby Blog  byTerry Albert addresses canine leg-lifting in the house (girl dogs do it, too!)

Confident Dog Blog by dog trainer Patricia Terrill–with adventures in new puppy training! (CUTE ALERT!)

Morris Animal Foundation has a new President & CEO, David Haworth

My Cat From Hell, new Animal Planet show hosted by CWA member Jackson Galaxy –don’t let the tough looks fool you, he’s a real pussycat!

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Tuesday Tips: Cat Attacks!

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Picture copr. “Janet”

Ebony is hissed off about the Chiweenie dog.

Isn’t that just the most gorgeous smoke-color kitty? Makes you want to snuggle her close, and protect that fragile luv-muffin from all harm. I know that my Magical-dawg would dearly love to get a really good SNIFF of Ebony, and probably do his best to nose poke and find the hidden squeaker inside.

Anyway, when I got the “Ask Amy” question about Ebony, I just had to share the story. Ebony attacks Janet’s new “Chiweenie” dog Darby adopted six weeks ago, an eight-pound Chihuahua/Dachshund. “Ebony goes at her and won’t stop. She has hurt her twice, to the point the new dog has been on meds twice in six weeks. I am on egg shells all the time,” says Janet. She’s also currently babysitting her sister’s dog, which she’s done many times in the past. “I’m worried, because right now Ebony is on a mission!”  Janet provided lots more details, and you can read my tips for stopping the attacks in this article.  

Perisha wants her way and will use teeth to get it! Picture copr. "Perisha"

For some reason, there are lots of upset kitty questions lately! See that gorgeous white cat? She’s been giving her owner fits. Nope, she’s not chasing dogs, and not even fighting other cats. Her owner Angy writes, “I need some serious help with my 2½ year old deaf cat, Perisha. When she does not get her way, or when it’s time for my partner or I to leave the house for work, one of us will be attacked by her. Or if I am combing her-which she loves-she will suddenly start attacking our calf, or jump up toward neck or upper arms, giving deep bites, bruises and scratches. In this article you’ll find the rest of the story and tips to deal with Perisha’s c’attitude.

Pet behavior questions answered!

Do your dogs or cats give you fits? How do you handle hissed off pets? Do you have more problems with cat-to-cat, dog-to-dog, or bi-petual relationships? DO tell! Why is it that some fuzz-buckets roll with what comes and never bat a whisker, while others get their tails in a twist over — well, next to nothing? (Hint: the PETiQuette book has answers!)

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