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Woof Wednesday: Stop Dog & Puppy Jumping Up!

Pup Jumps Up for Ball

Hey, it’s cute, right? When you bring that new bundle-‘o-puppy joy home, when that little guy dances on his hind legs and scrabbles at your knees, you reward him with kisses and snuggles. Weekend jumping up can be fun, too, when you play outside with the new pup. What about Monday morning when those puppy claws snag good clothes before you leave for work? If you’re like me, you wear dog hair for a living and a few snags won’t matter. Some bosses, however, frown on the dog-eared look.

What’s the deal with puppy jumping up, anyway? Do your dogs leap high, especially when you return home? See, a face lick is a canine howdy. It’s also a sign of deference. So it’s a normal puppy behavior to lick and try to aim kisses at your face. Here’s an article about why puppies jump up and 7 steps how to manage the little guys.



Even if you don’t mind the doggy pirouette and hops-along pooch, visitors to the house might object. And once the pooch grows out of the cute-icity stage and becomes an adolescent maniac, all the smiles go away. Big dogs can hurt you–or your guests–and bowl you over with their exuberance.

Hey, voice of experience here. The Magical-Dawg was AWFUL! He leaped, he grabbed, he clawed, he tore my clothes and made me question why I loved him so much. Honestly, I might have given him back if we hadn’t already bonded. I think that’s why they make puppies so cute–so you won’t kill them when they turn into juvenile delinquent dogs!

This isn’t uncommon. Pups that know their manners often begin to test boundaries as they mature. It’s almost a kind of “I DARE YOU TO MAKE ME!” attitude. And when the adolescent has big teeth and outweighs your toddler or Grandma–or shreds your clothes–it’s enough to pull out your hair.

So what do you do? All that advice in the article link (above) probably won’t work at this age. Oh, he knows what you mean but you’ll need to show the dog that you can enforce what you mean. *s* Tough love. And no, you do not need a bull-whip and chair to do this. I called on several of my savvy and incredibly knowledgeable colleagues for tips how they managed hard-headed jump-bean dogs. I added what worked for me with Magic (actually we agreed on several suggestions!) and the results is 10 tips for dealing with adolescent jumping and mouthing.

Have you ever had a jumping maniac? How did you manage the situation? Fortunately, many of these dogs grow out of the insistence on nose boinking and leaping about.

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