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Thoughtful Thursday: Mailing Pups and Valentine’s Love

Tell me that face doesn't say "Valentine's Love!"

Welcome to Thoughtful Thursday—a now-and-then blog that asks the burning question:

Just WHAT were they THINKING?!

Gift giving should be a joyous event for both the giver and the recipient. And I can’t fault a loving parent for wanting to make her child’s birthday wishes come true. Did you read the news article about the Minneapolis woman gifting her child with a puppy? Awwwwww…

It’s all in the delivery. See, she put four-month-old Schauzer mix (“Guess”) in a box, taped it up, and tried to mail the pup to Atlanta. Priority Mail. Sealed box. No air holes. As my dad would say, “Right thoughty of her!”

Thank heavens postal workers discovered Guess. Puppy is all right. Woman has been charged with animal cruelty. But now she wants the pup back. Gee, wonder what she’ll do for a Valentine’s Day surprise?

Pet lovers often delight in “thoughty” gifts for their cat or dog. You can’t go wrong with a pet care book, or maybe a wholesome treat or toy for the cat or dog. They’re easy to mail, too. After all, it’s what we do for the people and pets we love.

As my Valentine’s gift to readers, my next newsletter has free links to some of my favorite cat and dog home care and behavior tips, plus the latest free Pet Peeves radio shows. I’ll also give away autographed copies of my kitten, aging cat, aging dog and PetiQuette books to four lucky subscribers to my Pet Peeves newsletter, going out tomorrow afternoon—so there’s time to subscribe!  

Woofs & Purrs,


Pet Peeves Radio Shows

What HISSES you off about cats and dogs (or other pets)? The issues-oriented PET PEEVES weekly half hour podcast on has become a wonderfully fun time!

So far, I’ve interviewed David Frei, the “voice” of the Westminster Dog Show, to find out if those frou-frou dogs have any brains beneath the poof. Check out “Only a Pretty Face?” and see if you agree or disagree with the experts.

Since February is National Pet Dental Health Month, my second show features the president of the American Veterinary Dental Society with tips on how to freshen up Boo-Boo’s nasty breath and prevent heart disease at the same time!

Next up will be “THE COST OF LOVE?” with a heavy-hitting discussion about expense of veterinary care.

I hope that any of the Red Room authors who happen to have a book that includes a pet–or a pet issue–will contact me about being a future guest. Woofs and purrs and see you on the radio!


Radio “Pet Peeves” Show

Today I taped the first of what I hope will be many interesting and exciting radio pod-casts. PET PEEVES can be found at and I’ll have a new show and guests each week for the half hour.

As a writer who routinely interviews for research when writing nonfiction books and articles, it felt pretty darn comfortable doing the same thing for the show. Of course, I invited an incredibly media-savvy first guest, David Frei, who co-hosts the Westminster Kennel Club Show each year.

The most difficult issue for me–I like to talk, too. I need to conciously shutup and make airtime for the guest to speak. And it’s a bit tricky knowing when they’ve finished a thought. I don’t want to talk over them with the next question or comment. It sounds bad and just flat ain’t polite.

Hope y’all will tune in and let me know what you think. This is an adventure for me, one I hope others enjoy, too. Authors of pet books should contact me about being a guest. Or if your novel includes a cat or dog, love to work up a show around that as well.