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Thoughty Thursday: SEX!!! SEXity-SEX-SEX-SEX!

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"SEX? Whutz that? Iz a baby..."

Now I’m waiting for the spam-cops to come arrest me. *looking around, tapping foot, looking at watch…* Well c’mon now, I don’t have all day. SEX-SEX-SEX!!!

*twiddling thumbs, whistling, ROLLING EYES*

I had another blog planned but will bump it to Furry Friday. This afternoon I’ve spent hours playing SEX-games with iContact, the formerly neato-torpedo Email software for my newsletter Pet Peeves. In the interest of improving customer service they’ve upgraded the software.


I’m low-tech. Once I learn something, I don’t want to re-learn all the bells and whistles. Maybe they’ve gotten more complaints and iContact does pride itself on low-to-no “spam” complaints. I don’t even subscribe you. Folks need to subscribe themselves to my newsletter–I don’t subscribe you unless you ask, and most everyone subscribes themselves.


Yep, that was my reaction, too.

So today after jumping through hoops, re-doing the issue several times because the !@#$%^&U! software refused to SAVE as in the past, I finally prepared to SEND. And was told that it had the word SEX and therefore would be recognized as spam.

I could either FIX the word (oh, you nasty thang, you!), or could send it to their spam-cops for review for up to 30 minutes.

Folks, I couldn’t find the word SEX anywhere in the newsletter articles. Newsletter was already late going out. But no choice–So I submitted for review, then discovered the type/formatting (from the UPGRADE) made the test newsletter look wonky. So once it came back with the SEX-issue approved, I had to change a couple of things.

That meant it had to go back for a SEX review again. (Nope, still didn’t find the offending NASTY word…)

Finally the newsletter was sent. I also sent several irate notes complaining and received back quite cordial answers with a screen-shot of the SEX word circled.

HORRORS! I’d suggested choosing a new pet of the opposite SEX (blush, toe-digging, quelle embarrassment!). So iContact was right, I was wrong and all my subscribers got their SEX-FIX this evening.

That’ll put a wag in their tails. Ahem. So to speak.

I suspect that this SEX-ridden blog will rank incredibly high in SEO. Because last I checked, google wasn’t nearly as pure as iContact. Bravo to such companies doing their part to fight spam, but holy crappiocca, Batman! When puppy dawgs and kitty cats cain’t have no fun, just what SEX-ploitation will be next?

Oh, and the next Pet Peeves newsletter may get a new schedule. Because folks, I’m all SEXED out…sorta kinda in a way…

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Feline Friday: SEX and the Single Pet

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Visit local shelters and adopt a friend today.

My editor of my newspaper column is a passionate animal advocate in her so-called spare time, and had a request. “Since it’s quickly becoming the season of “love” for cats and dogs, could you dedicate a near future column to the importance of spaying/neutering pets or at least doing something to keep them from breeding? The parking lots are already looking like an animal flea market every weekend with people who “accidentally” let their female dogs/cats get pregnant, or just wanted little Junior or Sissy to see a live birth so decided to let their pets breed instead of viewing any of the thousands of live animals births available on Animal Planet, or those who just want to try and make a quick buck or two. We’re already ready seeing it in the shelter/rescue operations and it’s only just starting.”

You got it! Next Tuesday’s “PETiQuette” column is titled “Don’t Make Litter-ary Mistakes” and likely will also be included in the April Pet Peeves newsletter.

I know that I’m preaching to the kitty choir. We all know that kittens are full of adorable-icity, but most of us do the responsible thing. Too many mom and dad cats (and dogs) suffer from parenthood. Intact cats are much more likely to end up hit by cars while seeking feline Romeos, and cat bites, cat fights, and kitty aggression escalates during the love-fest. Learn more about dealing with these by clicking on the links provided.

Besides, how do the kitties feel when hormones lead to love-spurned angst? With tongue planted firmly in furry cheek, check out this video, titled Cat Betrayed His Girlfriend! Sex! Heat! Rage! Foul language! (with ORIGINAL ENGLISH CAPTIONS)

Let’s get serious here. Springtime brings out the romance in our dogs and cats. And if owners aren’t careful, your precious FiFi will shake her furry tail at the Romeo down the street, and present you with a boatload of babies. It’s time to nip such romantical notions in the bud, and a great time to learn about the benefits of spay/neuter–including pediatric procedures done as early as 6 weeks on the youngsters. Join Dr. Lila Miller of the ASPCA for a discussion of the pros and cons of PET-SEX, and how to relieve your best friend of the urge to splurge on that love connection. Check out my Pet Peeves radio interview to learn more about Sex Sex Sex And The Single Pet!

Please share this blog and the links with other responsible pet folks, shelter advocates, and pet lovers (especially those who might be tempted by the adorable-icity factor!).

NEWS FLASH! In honor of’s 15th birthday, Tuesday March 15 has been designated Help Petfinder Adopt the Internet Day, a day devoted to getting the word out there about pet adoption and helping homeless pets find homes. Stay tuned for next week’s WOOF WEDNESDAY and FELINE FRIDAY blogs for more info.

Purrs and trills,


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