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Tuesday Tips: Safety for Doggy Table Moochers

Magic day 3

"Can I have a taste?"

Tuesday Tips has been the day for everything from cat and dog quick advice to writerly series on everything from Indy Kindle publishing and advice from best-selling authors to Media Training. This week I prepare to attend the Cat Writers’ Association Conference and also have a few timely topical posts (see tomorrow’s Pet ‘Net Event!). So since the Woof Wednesday blog got hijacked by the cats, it’s only fair that today’s Tuesday Tips goes to the dawgs. And the topic is one of my fur-family’s favorites.


But first you have to get to the treat party.

Holiday Travel

Will you travel to a relative’s home for the upcoming holiday events? My Magic wants to remind you–DON’T FORGET THE DOG! They’re part of the family, too. And unlike cats who often despise new places/people/pets–more on that on tomorrow’s blog–dogs seem to relish family gatherings. For those with canines who have problems with car rides, you can start training now with these car ride tips for dogs and he’ll be ready to roll by Thanksgiving. And yes, you’ll see the Magical-Dawg in the article’s picture in HIS car!

tibetan spaniel

Dogs perfect the "I'm starving!" look.

It doesn’t have to be the holidays for us to want to treat our dogs. Magic has three favorites in his life–car rides, Frisbee and TREATS. We love to indulge ourselves-and them-and are careful to avoid poisoning pets with high-risk foods like chocolate, macadamia nuts, avocados, or raisons/grapes. Artificial sweeteners keep owners lean, but any goodies sweetened with Xylitol could cause canine liver failure. There also are some people foods that we relish that can land our dogs in the hospital–or worse! Some table food can actually KILL your fur-kid. Learn about the high-risk treats here, along with some first-aid tips just in case.

Why is it that dogs beg? Are they really all that hungry? Heck, Magic even begs for green beans and then spits them out. Puppies are notorious moochers so if you have a new fur-kid, take a moment to read these puppy-specific tips on why puppies beg. Learn ways to safely treat puppies without turning them into begging fools.

When the aroma of baking and roasting turns on the doggy drool, what human foods are safe for dogs to snack on? Actually, dogs have been eating the same foods people do for centuries and not only live to tell about it, they thrive. And holistic vets often recommend some of these foods for a more natural way to treat your doggy best friend. The latest Paw Nation article explains about 10 Healthy Table Foods your dog can eat–right in time for the howl-lidays!

Helping the Medicine Go Down

You can find out even more “natural remedies” for your fur-kids in my book New Choices in Natural Healing for Dogs & Cats–I just found out it’s available on Kindle, too. And on a related note, if you have a pet that needs medicine, there’s a nifty way to help the medicine go down–with veterinary compounding. I just interviewed a very kewl pharmacist who has all sorts of Pupcicles with pain and antibiotics combined, peanut-flavored treatments for parrots, and transdermal (through the skin) ointments so you don’t have to pill your cat. You can listen on my latest Pet Peeves radio show Helping The Medicine Go Down.

Have happy–and SAFE–holiday meals for your entire family, furry and otherwise.


This month as a special “thank you” to all my furry-fantastic-followers, I’ll give away a paw-tographed copy of Complete Care for Your Aging Cat and Complete Care for Your Aging Dog. To get in the running, simply post a comment in the blog about your special pet (old fogey or not) and I’ll draw two names at the end of the month. You can use these award-winning updated books as a resource for yourself or wrap up for a pet-friendly holiday gift to a fur-loving friend. And as an EXTRA-special incentive–and to encourage all of y’all to mentor each other and spread the blogging/twitter/Facebook love–the two winners get to name one purr-son who gives them wags of support and deserves a book, too!

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