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Thoughty Thursday: When A Vet Hurts Your Pet

The death of a pet takes a bit of your heart with them. We know when they come into our life that chances are we will outlive our special cat or dog. And then when life happens and injury or illness appears, caring owners do all that they can given the circumstances to keep that special fur-kid happy, pain-free, and by our side (or on your lap) as long as possible.

Modern veterinary medicine makes that possible. At no time in the past have there been such wonders of diagnostics, drugs, surgeries and treatments available! The whole book of Pet Care in the New Century describes the advantages and opportunities out there. And today more than ever society accepts the idea of spending funds on pets, too.

But what happens when you choose to go that extra mile, get your special pet that beyond-the-basics care…or heck, even BASIC care…and something awful goes wrong? In human medicine there’s such a thing as malpractice for such cases, right? What about for pets?
Seren On Stairs
Today’s Ask Amy is brand new. I spent most of yesterday recording 20 episodes answering questions–but this one is so different than the others. The question is heartbreaking because I don’t have good answers. I’m shocked and heartbroken over this pet owner’s experience, especially since I write about TPLO surgeries in my book.

Please share your ideas, experiences, suggestions with readers. What would you do? I really don’t know what I’d do should such a thing happen with Seren-kitty or Magical-dawg. What I do know, though, is that veterinarians are in the business of helping–not hurting–our animal companions. And that bad stuff happens to good pets.

I pray you and your pets never have to go through such an experience.

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