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Furry Friday: ComPETability & Seeing Eye to Eye

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2011: Back in the Water!

"Racy Mooner" cools off, courtesy of Lisa-Maria Padilla.

It’s too darn hot–and even the cats know it. When the temps hit 102 degrees, my colleague Lisa-Maria spread a towel on the deck to protect tender kitty paws, set up a kiddy pool and . . . well, at least one of the clowder accepted the invite. You can click on the pic to see the other cats’ reactions.

Dogs react a bit differently–at least, my Magical-Dawg does. You can check out his summertime fun in the video (below), and these days the cat thinks he’s insane. But nothing new about that. Most cats don’t “get” everything about dogs. And dogs remain pretty clueless about cats, too. If we’re lucky, they still get along fine and just figure the aliens have landed. That’s why I wrote my book ComPETability.

Our pets simply don’t see the world in the same way. Literally. For instance, the eyes of cats and dogs are quite similar to our own, but how are they different?

The cat has the largest eyes of any meat eater; if our own eyes were proportionally the same, human eyes would be eight inches across. But it goes beyond the looks-pun intended. In fact, the way pets see influences how they interact with each other-and with us. This Paw Nation article offers some insight (whoops, there’s another pun…I’d say “sorry” but I’m not. *s*) on seeing eye to eye.

Do your cats or dogs watch TV? Or do they have trouble finding that teeny-tiny last kibble in the bowl? How else are cats and dogs different? Betcha dogs would welcome that climbing and leaping ability that cats manage with poetry-like finesse. And I betcha cats would really like to be like dogs in…wait…well…

Nope. Cats have no dogmatic aspirations whatsoever. (Seren made me write that–I think she saw the video, below).

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