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Monday Mentions: Lightening Strikes, Transplanting Pork & Puppet-icity


Playing catch-up today because Saturday night a lightening storm blasted electronics around the house. Fun time. The alarms on the security system beeped, wailed, and gnashed electronic teeth for over two hours (off and on) before we got it shut off permanently. Seren-Kitty was not amused–actually she was terrified. It took most of the next day to find her, and she’s still skittish. I think she must have been in her potty when all hell broke loose because now just runs in, squats and zooms away without covering. At least she’s still got good aim.

The phone company says they’ll get here Friday. The doggy outdoor water fountain–to be reviewed–got fried. Neither my laptop or my desktop were hurt thank heavens–but neither one recognizes the printer any more so I suspect something in the HP was zapped. Oh joy–it has nearly a full ink cartridge (pricey!) and I’ve just reached the point I need to print multiple drafts of the fiction WIP. Hey, maybe I need to add some lightening to the plot, hmnnn. Everything’s material.


Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo links and blogs and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. Today we’re celebrating mostly pet stuff, and (ahem) some Amy-schtuff as this is a busy time with lots of appearances.

Please don’t be shy about sending me your own links or suggestions for others to highlight. I love doing a SNOOPY-DANCE-’O-JOY! in celebration of all the savvy writers and animal advocates doing the work of the angels–and to a few angels as well.


This evening at 6:30 pm Pacific Time you can dial up a live Webinar at Danish-Swedish Farm Dogs USA for a fun hour discussing pet introductions–cats to cats, dogs to dogs, cats-dogs to each other, pets to babies/kids–the whole shebang. The event is pretty dang reasonable, and is sponsored by a wonderful savvy dog group that donates part of the proceeds to a doggy foundation (you get to choose) such as the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, the Rabies Challenge Fund, or the Canine Companions for Independence. Behaviorists and trainers can earn continuing education units. Dang, guess that means I’ll have to say something halfway intellectual again. Hmnn. Hope to *see* you there.

MISS PIGGY TRANSPLANTS may be in our future–cells, organs and more from genetically engineered hogs is now being tested (plot for my NEXT book?)

CLOSE CAT ENCOUNTERS when a house kitty meets a puma, wow!

HOLD ME BACK–NOT! some inspirational words from a fellow blogger to give us the needed butt-kick.

THE ART OF PITCHING THE MEDIA goes along with my Tuesday Tips series

TO “E” OR NOT TO “E” from Libby Fischer Hellman’s excellent blog

“E” STANDS FOR “ERRORS” and here’s why, from terrific thriller author Karen Dionne

LITERARY AGENTS’ ADVICE from terrif blogger August McLauglin

CONTENT WRITER FREELANCER RIGHTS offers some terrific tips to know before you sign on the dotted line

ALEXA.COM can give you free analytics when looking for the best places to promote your book, business or cause

CARINA PRESS CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS and not just romance, either!

NEED A “MAN” FIX? check out jillian Dodd’s Glitter, Bliss & Perfect Chaos blog filled with pix of hot, shirtless men!

I stole this video from my friend Piper Bayard’s awesome blog roundup.  Sometimes you gotta be real–and sometimes not. Enjoy!

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Monday Mentions: The Devil Made Me Do It!

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I’ve been a fan of Jim’s even before I met him at Thrillerfest a few year’s back, and then got to interview him for this Pet Peeves radio show about his Altar of Eden thriller featuring a veterinarian. So I can’t wait to read his latest Sigma Force novel.

Tomorrow, June 21st, is an all-day virtual launch party of James Rollins’ new book, The Devil Colony. If you’re a thriller lover, then you already know the name–and if you don’t, WOWZER you’re in for a treat!

Yep, that’s right, he’s a VETERINARIAN! A thriller guy who likes puppy dogs and kitty cats, yay! He even has some very cool swag available, with all proceeds benefiting the Humane Society of America (check it out!).

Oh, and did I mention, a thoroughly nice guy willing to talk to unknown wannabe thriller writers–like me. He may not even remember cuz I know he does this so often. But Jim is the reason my pet first aid book qualified me for full Thriller Writers membership when he was co-president with Steve Berry.

Did I already say–WOW!? Oh you devil, you! Just what were you thinking?


"Devil Colony? Aha! A veterinarian finally wrote a tell-all about your family!"

And nope, he wasn’t under the influence of catnip–I can only think the Devil Made Him Do It. I know from devils. I live with a feline demon who answered to “Devil” long before her real name, because she got called that so often. And in turn, I make that sweet innocent kitty live with a “devil dawg” that’s an affront to feline-icity just by breathing the same air. As a behavior consultant, I deal with furry and human devilish behavior on a regular basis–and then there’s those devilish writing deadlines. Guess you could say the devil makes ME do it, too.

In fact, later today I’m giving a live Webinar on Senior Moments: Quality of Life Issues for Aging Pets (both cats and dogs). Sometimes I wonder if Magical-Dawg will survive to senior citizen canine status, while Seren-kitty is already well into her 9th life.

Let’s turn this devil-may-care c’attitude around and make dancing-with-the-devil a fun nose-thumbing event. Are you up for it? Join the virtual launch party tomorrow and give the Devil his due! Hang out with thriller authors, wear costumes, win prizes. My colleague Kristen Lamb (another Jim-Fan-Girl and a social media genius) came up with the idea so read all about Kristen’s devilish party plans here. You can learn more about James Rollins–the man, the author, the veterinarian–in the video below. Check out his books – here’s the full list.  And for those on Twitter, come party on Twitter at #DevilColony.

A slew of devilishly talented bloggers have already started the party ball rolling, so check ’em out:

Jenny Hansen’s Blog – Friday Devil’s Playground

Danielle Meitiv’s Blog – Digging Taters & Devilish Book Party

Piper Bayard’s Blog – On Life, Belly Dancing and Apocalyptic Annihilation

Tiffany White’s Friday FabOoolous Post on James Rollins

Writers in the Storm – Devilish Fun…A Worldwide Book Launch Party

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Woof Wednesday: Old Fogey Dog Webinar, Ask Amy & Dogs Rolling Over

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Those who regularly read my blog know about all the cute puppy pictures and content (SQUEEEE!) I’ve been creating. Our old fogey dogs are just as–or even more–deserving of our love and attention.

I’m thrilled to offer the fine folks at the Danish-Swedish Farm Dog USA organization a live Webinar next Monday June 20, based on my best-selling updated Complete Care for Your Aging Dog book. The presentation–with Q&A and some fun pictures from the powerpoint–has pending CCPDT accreditation. And a portion of the registration goes to fund dog-specific causes (your choice). Feel free to spread the furry word– and I  hope to “see” some of y’all there.


"Rub my tummy....please?"

That puppy in the picture from last weekend’s local adoption event wanted to just chill on my lap, sleeping on his back, all afternoon. What a sweetie. When we first got Magic, he was NOT inclined to “roll over.”

Rolling onto the back and baring the tummy places a dog into a vulnerable position and not all feel comfortable doing this. As Magical-Dawg has matured, he’s much more willing to volunteer this behavior–and I’m flattered. It actually can be a sign of great trust, although many folks assumes this posture always means submission.

And no, of course I never “forced” Magic onto his back. Okay, guess I need to also mention “alpha roll” where the owner forces a dog onto his back to establish dominance. Probably a better name for it would be the “stupid roll” because it does nothing to foster submission and actually can get owners bit.

The premise comes from thinking that wolves make other wolves roll over to prove who is in charge. Uh…nope. Wolves roll over on their own to indicate deference, they aren’t “forced” to do this by a bigger wolf. And of course, dogs aren’t wolves. Dogs will show deference and respect to more potent, powerful and in charge individuals (whether that’s another dog, a cat or human). And sometimes the most powerful doggy in the group rolls over to show a less confident canine he means no threat, as an invitation to play or build confidence.

The fellow asking the question in the Ask Amy video was not happy about his newly adopted dog’s inclination to roll over. I suspect he wanted his dog to be “macho” and “dominant” and wasn’t clear on exactly what his dog was telling him–or what the dog “heard” his new owner saying.

Do your dogs enjoy tummy rubs? Does your dog flip on his back at the drop of a “hello?” When does he show his tummy–do you ask, or does he simply volunteer and request your attention?

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