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Monday Mentions: Writer-icity & Pet Talk

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Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo links and videos, pet schtuff and bling and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. Some of this “schtuff” can be hard to categorize and may fit more than one topic so I urge you to at least scan them all.

Awesome Shirt Folding Tips! from Margaret Miller’s Blog, this is amazing, you gotta see!

Own Your Beauty–It’s Contagious from the awesome blogger Myndi Shafer

Facebook Timeline Tips from Lorie Huston


Kansas Writers Association “Scene 2012” Writer Workshop, and yes, I’m a speaker offering sessions on “kindle-ization” and “media training for authors.” Come say howdy…I’ll be wearing the sparkles (surprise!)

AgentFest, a part of Thrillerfest with some awesome opportunities for writers (yes, I’ll be there)

Branding For Sissies Hey if I can do this so can you. Just sayin’ . . .

Book Club for Authors/Readers a fee-based sign up for authors to get works-in-progress in front of readers for feedback.

RWA®’s Kiss of Death Chapter presents~~ The 2012 Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery Suspense

Heightening Suspense from Guest Blogger Jodie Renner

Gorgeous Mousepads! for spiffing up you office decor (yes, I want one of these…)

Writer Beware on Trusting Sources (or Not)

Turning Author Site Into A Store tips from Jen Talty

Tribr How-To from the awesome Jenny Hansen


Pinterest for Biz

How Pinterest Engages Better than Twitter Et Al,

How Random House Uses Pinterest

Pinterest Boo-Boos to Beware

Embrace Your Inner Doberman from Sonia Medeiros, good info for anyone including writers


VAFA Shelter Now on PetFinder yeee-haw! This is the FIRST animal shelter in Iran, and dogs fostered in the US now can find their forever-homes via PetFinder connection. Here’s a video you MUST SEE of two rescue GSD-mix pups on grass for the first time.

Pet Industry Estimates $53 Billion Spending

9 Dental Issues You Share With Pets, my latest at Huffington Post

Zero Odor Wins Product of the Year Award! If you haven’t tried this product, check it out

A Beloved Horse Lost–and Found! this is a 3-hanky story you’ll love!

Lost Woman’s Cat Never Leaves Her Side

Australia’s Love-Hate with the Dingo

Greyhound Races Thing of the Past?

Animal Sounds Around the World you say toMAtoe, and I say meow…

NPR Transcript Discusses Animal-Human Bond Benefits

So…what’s the cat saying? And does the toddler understand? Are both “learning” from the communication?

Totally tongue-in-cheek how animals talk (or beak in feathers…)

Westchester Cat Show Interview

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Website Fixed

I’m pleased to report that the website once again functions as designed. Whew! What a helpless feeling. I want to be able to push an on-off switch, click on websites and easily read whatever and not worry about how it got loaded, servers, domain names, routing, IPs and whatnot. Thank the lord for people who understand such things!

Our “early bird” deadline for the price break of $125 for the 40th Anniversary Conference is March 1st, and thereafter the fee goes up to $150 — it includes two banquets, 40 seminars, a book signing event, editor/agent appointments with 5 agents and 7 NYC editors, and author speakers including a number who happen to be members of International Thriller Writers.

Y’all come! You can contact me at that site, if you have any questions.


Website Hijacked!

I’m the president of the Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc, and we’ll celebrate our 40th Anniversary conference May 1-3. We are in the midst of receiving registrations and answering questions–and to our dismay, discovered that the website has been removed from the ether, and replaced with an imposter!

We’ve paid our domain name on time. Our fees to the server are up to date. So we’re awaiting word on exactly what needs to be done to recover our home.

Meanwhile, anyone needing information that can’t wait about the conference can email directly to me: with “OWFI INFO” in the header.

Apologies for the confusion. I’m livid! And that’s being kind.